Reading Into the FHSAA 2A Regionals Psych Sheets

FHSAA 2A Regional Championships

The Florida 2A state series continues this week with the 4 regional championships beginning tomorrow, November 7.

Many of the stronger schools look to the state championships for their main dose of competition, however, some schools must begin their battles at this stage of the state series before thinking about the state finals. Here is what to expect at the 2018 edition of the FHSAA 2A Regional Championships:

Region 1

After winning last year’s regional meet, the girls of Mosley are looking to play a game of musical chairs with the Gulf Breeze girls, as they are expected to make a big impact this year. The Mosley team has many weak points, including the absence of a 200 free relay, when scoring out the meet.

Gulf Breeze 287 pts
Arnold 239 pts
Ponte Vedra 199 pts
Mosley 170 pts

After placing fifth last year, the Gulf Breeze girls are expected to win the meet by a comfortable margin. The team holds top seeds in 3 individual events as well as seeded first in the 400 free relay by 7 seconds.

On a very different note, the boys’ side of the meet will feature a very close battle between Mosley and Ponte Vedra. When scoring the meet, Mosley is predicted to out-score Ponte Vedra by only 1 point, 272-271.

Taking a closer look at the psych sheet, both Mosley and Ponte Vedra both have equal yet different advantages scattered throughout the psych sheet. Mosley has significantly faster seeds in the relay events that could make the difference between 1st and 2nd place much larger. Ponte Vedra, on the other hand, have stronger individual event presences.

Could the Gulf Breeze girls and Ponte Vedra boys topple Mosley, the defending regional champions?

Region 2
In the Region 2 circuit, resting strategies could ultimately shake up the psych sheets or even the final outcome at the state championships.

When scoring the girls’ meet, Eastside is expected to score 415 points, with their nearest competitor, Titusville, to score 223 points. The same outcome occurred at last year’s meet, yet the Titusville girls’ taper aided them to a place fourth at the state meet. Eastside finished in 18th.

Could the Eastside girls defend their title and continue their dominance to this year’s state meet?

In the boys’ meet, Lincoln Park and Rockledge are expected to have a very close meet when scoring the psych sheet.

Rockledge 220 pts
Lincoln Park 211 pts

Each school has different strengths and weaknesses that predominantly even out the chances.

  • Rockledge Strengths
    • 3 number one individual seeds
    • Top seed in 200 Free Relay, second seed in 400 Free Relay
  • Rockledge Weaknesses
    • Number 12 seed in 200 medley relay
  • Lincoln Park Strengths
    • Top five seeds in all 3 relays
    • 4 top three individual seeds
  • Lincoln Park Weaknesses
    • Four events with swimmers seeded well out of the top 8

Last year, Lincoln Park dominated the regional meet and defeated Rockledge by nearly 100 points. They also went on to place fourth at the state meet, Rockledge placed 21st.

With Rockledge’s odds in their favor, even with a poorly seeded medley relay, could they topple defending regional champion and top five state performer Lincoln Park?

Region 3

Dominating state powerhouses reign in Region 3, with the Holy Names girls returning from a runner-up finish at state and the Jesuit boys coming as the defending regional and state champions. When scoring the meet, both teams’ are expected to score way above their nearest competitors.

Girls Boys
Holy Names 441 pts Jesuit 476 pts
Land O’Lakes 377 pts Lakewood 259 pts

The Holy Names girls have a total of eight top 3 individual seeds, including top 2 seeds in the relays with the top seed in the medley relay. The Jesuit boys follow a similar suit. Three individual events have 4 Jesuit swimmers packed into the top 6, as well as taking top three seeds in the relays with a top seed in the 400 free relay.

Can the Holy Names girls and Jesuit boys continue their incredible dominance?

Region 4

Speaking of state powerhouses, Gulliver Prep also reigns in this region and are rivals with Jesuit and Holy Names at the state championship level. Last year, the Gulliver Prep girls were state champions over Holy Names while the Gulliver Prep boys settled for second to state champion Jesuit.

Until the state championships hit later this month, both Gulliver Prep teams are expected to cruise to comfortable victories at this year’s region 4 meet.

Girls Boys
Gulliver Prep 421 pts Gulliver Prep 270 pts
Suncoast 239 pts Pompano Beach 216 pts

Can Gulliver Prep continue their dominance and face off their Region 3 foes at the state championships?

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2 years ago

I swim in region 1 tomorrow and my money is on pv boys I don’t know why just a gut feeling

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