Ralph Lauren-Designed Outfits for Team USA at Tokyo Closing Ceremony Unveiled

The American uniforms for the Tokyo Olympics closing ceremonies have been unveiled.

American designer Ralph Lauren created the line for Team USA, featuring white jackets with blue collars and hoods. The jackets have an American flag patch on the arm, the United States Olympic logo on the right breast and Ralph Lauren‘s logo on the left breast. Ralph Lauren has been responsible for outfitting Team USA’s opening and closing ceremony looks since the 2008 Beijing Olympics over a decade ago.

“As we come together to celebrate and compete, we must also embrace our responsibility to protect the planet we all call home,” said David Lauren, Chief Innovation and Branding Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board at the brand.

“As part of this, we are proud to continue to invest in and scale sustainability innovations — dressing our nation’s best and brightest athletes in timeless clothing that has been consciously created.”

In an Instagram post from Ralph Lauren, you can get a peek at the looks, featuring star sprinter Nathan Adrian and distance phenom Katie Ledecky. Click the arrow in the image below (near the Ralph Lauren logo on Adrian’s chest) to click through the gallery and see Ledecky.

Meanwhile, Canada and Russia are among other teams to have released their looks for Tokyo.

Below is young star Andrei Minakov, expected to sprint for medals in Tokyo, modeling the Russian kit.

Team Canada pulled out a denim look for theirs. Check it out below.

Twitter has come after some of these looks — what do you think?

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5 months ago

Where can I buy the Canadian jacket?
Why can’t America get the cool stuff 🥺

Reply to  Xman
5 months ago

The Canadian outfits are walking grafitti. Love the Ralph Lauren outfits, always the Games’ best.

5 months ago

I think it’s time Ralph Lauren gets Ralph let-go from designing team USA uniforms

5 months ago

Ralph Lauren for more than a decade has given TEAM USA an understated flair and casual elegance that Americans, indeed, the world enjoys. Sadly the Russian kit displayed above has all of the zing of wet cardboard. And for our Canadian friends, if you’re into ‘frayed, tattered chic’ you’re in luck; they’ve got that by the yard and the meter. Otherwise, it just strikes me as pedestrian tie-dyed beachwear that’s ready for the outlet mall [not my cup of tea for the Olympics].

Reply to  Karl Ortegon
5 months ago

no, but I’d like 250,000 shares, if it’s traded publically!

5 months ago

I personally really dig the Russian uniform in terms of a uniform for a Sport event. The Canadian one I would love to wear anywhere and the American one looks bland and nothing special.

Reply to  maverick1993
5 months ago

I was thinking the same thing… the Russian univorm is perfect for a sports event.

5 months ago

Perhaps I do not understand the fashion, but today I understood what wtf stands for.

5 months ago

Minakov could easily be a model

Mean Dean
5 months ago

The jackets are alright but the polos are so preppy. Not a huge fan.

On the other hand— Canada

Last edited 5 months ago by Mean Dean
Reply to  Mean Dean
5 months ago

Canada “might” compete in the water; but on land, they look like raggedy-Anne!

5 months ago

Ralph Lauren uniforms have all of team USA looking like they are about to explain who their father is.

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