RACE VIDEOS: Katie Ledecky & Crew Race at Virginia LC State Championships

The 2014 Virginia Long Course State Championship meet is a mixed-bag of focus. For the top swimmers, like World Record holder Katie Ledecky and National Age Group Record holder Andrew Seliskar, it’s just another chance to race and sharpen skills before gunning for the Pan Pacs team this summer. For others, it’s a good mid-spring test heading into Junior Nationals and other big meets over the summer.

Regardless of the intents, there were some really good swims at the meet, and we’ve got videos of several of the races below. That includes a Katie Ledecky 1:58.30 in the 200 free.

Read highlights of the meet here, and see highlights above and below.

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6 years ago

I watch the 100 backstroke race and I see the girls finishing with the dive below the water to touch the wall. Just wondering, at which events ( swim federation dictated?) would that be allowed and when is it not allowed? Thanks

Swim Meet Ref
6 years ago

Swimmer has to be completely submerged during swim phase prior to touching wall to violate rule. As long as any part of the body is on the surface of water at any moment there is nothing illegal about diving towards the wall. While close and giving benefit or doubt based on angle of video and splash, Hu was still on surface with her feet.

Reply to  Swim Meet Ref
6 years ago

Also a Referee. I think this is extremely close to being submerged prior to finish. Agree that benefit goes to swimmer. I think she forgot that flags are at 5 meters in long course, not 5 yards like in short course.

Reply to  Swim Meet Ref
6 years ago

Thanks for the reply, although after watching the touch again, from the same angle, i could see other girls touch without a dive in the other lanes where Hu and the swimmer next to her had a deliberate dive in touch. I am worried that this may cause a lot of confusion come with the upcoming LCM season and some meets with DQ and some not. Its going to be a headache for all the officials, swimmers and coaches out there.

6 years ago

I see this more frequently early in the LC season. The swimmers forget that the flags are almost a foot and a half farther out than SC. They start their dive too soon and can get completely submerged prior to the finish. Remember, the rule hasn’t changed, just more clarification.

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