RACE VIDEO: Watch Michael Phelps Win His First 100 Fly Since Comeback From Retirement

Race video is courtesy of Universal Sports Network, a SwimSwam Partner.

Watch above as Michael Phelps swims his first race back since an 18-month retirement at the 2014 Charlotte Grand Prix on Friday.

Top 8 results:

1. Michael Phelps 52.13
2. Pavel Sankovich 52.72
3. Joe Schooling 52.92
4. Thiago Pereira 53.65
5. Tim Phillips 53.97
6. Dylan Bosch 54.05
7. Mario Todorovic 54.46
8. Benjamin Colley 54.70

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9 years ago

Hi everyone!
Is Phelps gonna compete in Santa Clara next month?

9 years ago

I didn’t watch the live streaming, but this video is a great improvement over the Mesa debacle.
And Phelps is looking good in this race (one or two sloppiness and conditioning is expected at this stage), and this shows what his (and Bowman’s) priority is.

9 years ago

MXSkier, agreed on all counts. You could have linked the 2fly from London and the turns that cost the gold…

Reply to  Coacherik
9 years ago

He had a bad start, a bad finish and a bad turn. He had every right to out swim le Clos on that day but didn’t put it together at all.

Anyone else impressed by him going out in 24.3? He went out in 25.1 at Mesa and 24.0 in Beijing.

9 years ago

He’s 2 for 2 on missing his turn. Same type of turn he did in Mesa. Clean that up alone and he’s already at a 51-high. Amazing

Reply to  Phil
9 years ago

he hasn’t hit his turn well in years. He is consistently either 1/2 a stroke long or 1/2 a stroke short. I don’t think I’ve seen him swim a high level meet cleanly since 2008 in regards to his turns. I realize he’s just getting back, but it’s still something that’s surprising that he hasn’t “fixed,” unless he and Bowman have done tape and split analysis and discovered he’s better underwater by going long or short rather than sticking it.

Here’s video from London (at the link) that show’s he’s even really short into the wall. Weird.


Reply to  Phil
9 years ago

I’d argue he had a good one at Nationals in 2010 when he went 50.65. Guess that explains the time.

9 years ago

Haha, Rowdy must’ve been so excited to say “he breathes to his left,” and “he wont be able to see phelps coming home though”…. in a butterfly race!!!

Awesome swim though. I want to see video of Agnel’s new freestyle.

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