Race Video: Michael Phelps Wins 100 Back in 53.88, 2014 Bulldog Grand Slam

Swimming News / Swimming Video courtesy of Shanda Crowe

MEN’S 100 Backstroke – 2014 Bulldog Grand Slam – Reported by SwimSwam

It’s been a banner weekend for Michael Phelps, who is gaining tremendous steam in his career comeback as of late. He followed up a great 100 fly on Friday night with a 53.88 in the 100 back to win tonight. That time ranks him just outside the top 10 in the world this year, and topped fellow swimming icon Ryan Lochte, who was 54.40 as he returns from a knee injury that has sidelined him for the better part of a year now.
Behind those two was Tyler Clary, 55.41 coming off his second-place 200 fly effort. He bridged the gap between Phelps/Lochte and the rest of the field.

Crews Wellford went 56.53 for fourth, just ahead of Jacob Kelsoe‘s 56.85. 15-year-old Michael Taylor went 57.08 for Dynamo, with Bolles School’s Dakota Mahaffey seventh in 57.71.

Maybe most notable in this race was Olympic silver medalist Nick Thoman, who had a rough prelims (57.42), but is listed at 1:15.83 in the final. It appears Thoman went for the first 50 split, crusing the second half of the race. He did go out in 25.3, which would be the second-fastest American time in the 50 back so far this year (David Plummer has been 25.2).

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Justin Thompson
7 years ago

Was it just me or did Phelps seem like he coasted a bit into the finish? He looked great and Lochte wasn’t too shabby also considering he’s been dealing with that bum knee.

law dawg
7 years ago

Damn, Phelps looks so smooth and strong. Hard to imagine what he could do in the next few years if he just focuses in on the sprints. First man under 53 in the 100 back, 48 in the 100 free, and 50 in the 100 fly at the same time, all in a textile? I think it’s very possible.

Reply to  law dawg
7 years ago

under 50 in the 100 fly is pretty optimistic IMO, but under 53 back, 48 free, and 51 fly at the same time is totally doable.

Reply to  Sven
7 years ago

Totally agree. Do you think he will do any other races?

bobo gigi
Reply to  justinl
7 years ago

I agree. It’s my hope.
All for sprint now!

7 years ago

I’m so proud of him 😀 He is killing it this weekend, keep it up Phelps! His determination and drive are what keeps him at the top of his game. I’m so impressed, as usual. Lochte is doing great as well (jeah) ^_^

7 years ago

Phelps is probably in very good shape and it can’t see him dropping much at nationals or pan pacs. In 2012 he hade some in season races going 1:45 in the 200 free. Later at the onlympis he went 1:44 in the 800 realy(not dropping very much during his taper)

7 years ago

Another great swim from Phelps. He’s racing against the clock NOT Lochte, people.
And it’s always been a pleasure to see him in top form & swim like a shark. Great then and still great now… that’s our Michael Phelps! 🙂


bobo gigi
7 years ago

We already knew that for a long time but WHAT A GENIUS! 🙂
Only 3 months after his comeback, at 29
48.80 in the 100 free/51.67 in the 100 fly/53.88 in the 100 back!
Too bad the list of available smileys on swimswam is a little short because a smiley of respect or congrats would be useful here.
Hats off to MP! 😎

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

Not exactly 3 months after his comeback, Bobo.
He has been full time training since mid 2013 at least because he had to register for anti doping measure at least 9 months before his planned first meet which was planned at around February this year.
Phelps took time off swimming no more than a year since London during which he was keeping his body fully fit.

I think Phelps’ (and Bowman’s) plan of taking time off swimming needs to be copied by other senior swimmers to keep longevity. Coughlin did it too, and I think she even “retired” longer than Phelps did.

Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

Full time training since mid-2013???
Interesting assertion, but ipersubjective because Bowman and Agnel spoke of two training session per week for Phelps in the whole 2013.

bobo gigi
7 years ago

And again, thanks for the video!
Lochte was better on the underwaters. Very decent time for him after his knee problem.
MP looks smooth, easy and strong. He can improve his underwaters and his finish. Was he a little tired at the end or did he coast (I learned a new verb) as Justin Thompson said above? 🙂 Great race overall.

bobo gigi
7 years ago

I’ve recognized Mr Sergio Lopez in the bottom left of the picture. 🙂

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