Race Video: Federica Pellegrini Edges Katie Ledecky in 200 Free Final in Budapest


World record-holder Federica Pellegrini of Italy won her signature race in Budapest on Wednesday evening, blowing past USA’s Katie Ledecky and Australia’s Emma McKeon over the final 50 meters. It was the seventh consecutive world championship medal-worth performance for the Italian in this event.

Watch the entire race below courtesy of NBC Sports.

Write-up by Loretta Race:


It looked like a battle between Australian Emma McKeon and American Katie Ledecky, but Italy’s reigning world record holder in this event kicked in another gear the final 25m to overtake them both at the end for gold. Pellegrini registered the only sub-1:55 time of the night, earning a time of 1:54.73 for the sole gold. This marks her 7th consecutive world championships medaling in this event.

In a thrilling battle down the stretch, McKeon and Ledecky wound up tying for silver, marking the American’s first silver in a major international championships. Both of these women were faster last night in 1:54.99 for McKeon and 1:54.69 for Ledecky, but each wound up slamming the touchpad in 1:55.18 for the tie.

Comparative splits for top 3 finishers:

Pellegrini – 56.41/58.32 = 1:54.73
Ledecky – 56.09/59.09 = 1:55.18
McKeon – 55.83/59.35 = 1:55.18

Ledecky has won the women’s 1500m and 400m freestyle, as well as earned gold on the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay. McKeon also has two additional silvers, one from the 100m fly and one as a member of her nation’s 4x100m free relay.

Of note, in 5th place Michigan Wolverine Siobhan Haughey became the first Hong Kong swimmer ever under the 1:56 mark with a final time of 1:55.96, beating her time from Rio.


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2004 Athens Olympics 200m Freestyle..

Ledeky = Ian Thorpe
Pellegrini = Pieter van den Hoogenband
Hosszu = Michael Phelps


Not really seeing the comparison. Pellegrini is Ian Thorpe since she won. Thorpe wasn’t doing the mile at that point anyway and was more of a mid-distance guy like Pellegrini. Nobody compares to Van den Hoogenband for the women besides Sjostrom maybe. And she wasn’t in the race. Hosszu compares nicely to Phelps. But Phelps won the bronze so idk.


If Sjostrom was on the race today, I would have gived Sjostrom = Michael Phelps.


How about
2008 Beijing Olympics 200m Freestyle

Pellegrini = Agnel
Ledeky = Sun Yang
McKeon = Park Tae Hwan
Hosszu = Ryan Lochte



I got it messed up
I meant 2012 London Olympics 200m Free

Gold Pellegrini = Agnel 200m Free specialist
Silver Ledeky = Sun Yang mid,long-distance freestyler
Silver McKeon = Park Tae Hwan mid-distance freestyler
4th Hosszu = Ryan Lochte IMer


Except McKeon is not a mid distance .


Y u do dis?


2008 Beijing Olympics 200m Freestyle

Gold Pellegrini = Agnel 200m Free specialist
Silver Ledeky = Sun Yang mid,long-distance freestyler
Silver McKeon = Park Tae Hwan mid-distance freestyler
4th Hosszu = Ryan Lochte IMer

It even matches with the medals


Why do we have to ‘man up’ a competition to acknowledge its beauty? No need to compare because they are incomparable, strong and talented athletes. Ledecky is Ledecky she is a legend whose legacy will outlive her lifespan, Pellegrini is Pellegrini the queen of 200 free and Hosszu is, well the Iron Lady. They don’t need male counterparts to legitimize their accomplishments. Please stop downplaying female athletes by comparing them.


Gold Pellegrini = Pellegrini
Silver Ledeky = Ledeky
Silver McKeon = McKeon


“When she won that world record…”


She is the greatest female 200m freestyler of all time.


Looks manly

Lane four

Are you blind? She is beautiful.


She’s got men ticked off on a little card in a locket .

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