Prepping For 2020, JPN Convenience Stores Curb Adult Magazine Sales

Japan is addressing all areas of its daily life in preparation for hosting the largest international sporting competition, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, in its capital of Tokyo. In addition to already curbing smoking, next on the chopping block is pornographic magazines, as the nation’s leading convenience store, 7-Eleven, said this week that it would phase out sales of the adult magazines by the end of August.

Per Kyodo News, officials say the move is to ‘avoid giving a bad impression’ to the influx of foreign visitors expected to head Tokyo’s way. ‘Seven & i Holdings, which runs more than 20,000 7-Eleven stores across Japan, including franchise outlets, said the decision was made after reviewing “various opinions.’ (Channel News Asia)

A company spokesman said, “We knew those sporting events are coming in the future, and those were among factors that we considered.’

“In the past, Seven-Eleven was mostly used by male customers to buy beverages and fast food, and our product assortment was designed accordingly,” the chain told Reuters.

“However, as the role and usage of Seven-Eleven stores has changed in recent years, Seven-Eleven became an important shopping destination for families, children and elder people as well.”

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1 year ago

Noooo!!!! (ahem) I mean this a good thing good for Japan

1 year ago

This and the live recaps of Big Brother have somewhat confirmed that it is a slow week in the swimming world

Reply to  Swimdude
1 year ago

usually this time of year, they are..

1 year ago

7-11? More like L7, am I right?

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