Park Tae-Hwan Set To Swim At First Int’l Meet Back From Suspension

Korean Olympian Park Tae-hwan will be in action at his first international meet since serving his 18-month ban for having tested positively for a prohibited substance back in 2014. He is slated to compete at Australia’s final elite meet prior to the 2016 Olympic Games, the Swimming Australia Grand Prix held July 1st-2nd at Brisbane Aquatic Centre.

Park had competed at his nation’s Olympic Trials in April where the 26-year-old swept the men’s freestyle events, claiming gold in the 100/200/400/1500m events. His 200m and 400m freestyle delivered times that remain in the top 5 marks in the world this season. Park is scheduled to swim the 100m, 200m and 400m freestyles at the Grand Prix.

When the Korean roster was released last month, Park was absent, a product of an additional ban by the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC). The additional punishment states that any athlete having served a doping suspension is refrained from competing on a Korean National team for 3 years, beginning on the day their suspension ends.

In May of this year we reported how Park filed an appeal with the international Court for Arbitration of Sport (CAS) over his Olympic suspension. Park has also now reportedly filed for a court injunction to force the KOC to follow the CAS ruling in favor of the swimmer.

Said Sean Lim, an attorney at the firm representing the swimmer, “Park is filing for injunction in Eastern Seoul district court today right after the briefing,” Lim said. “This is to prepare for the situation where the KOC refuses to comply with the CAS decision.”

Lim says that they expect CAS to make a ruling by July 5. Federations have until July 18th to confirm their Olympic rosters.

Park won silver in the 200m freestyle at the 2008 Olympic Games, and followed that up with another 200m silver and the same result in the 400m free at the 2012 Games in London.

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2008 gold for park don’t forget that one m8


In the 400

Lp Man

Does Park have any more shameless begging sessions with his own country to compete in the Olympics? I can totally picture him saying “pretty please with a cherry on top?”

Irish Ringer

He’s served his time and it was a first offense. Time to move on.

Lp Man

I get it. He needs to show a little more dignity and not be begging on his knees

Attila the Hunt

Different culture, different custom.

Maybe you prefer indignant unrepentant multiple cheating Efimova who served minimum time?

Lp Man

Attila, don’t you dare assume what I would or would not prefer. There is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to doping (which would clearly apply to you) Everyone vilifies Efimova, but everyone seems to forget that Jessica Hardy failed a drug test back in 2008. Why did people not focus on this when she stood on the podium in London? People focused more on her road to redemption in London instead of the fact that she took a banned substance. To me if you fail a drug test, you should pay the consequences regardless of nationality or ability and that reputation as a cheater should follow you everywhere

Attila the Hunt

I’m with you. Park or Efimova or Yang shouldnt be allowed to swim in Rio. But please do not confuse a particular act of custom of another country/culture you don’t understand as being “shameless”.

Irish Ringer

I do agree on that. Grown man shouldn’t beg on his knees for something like swimming a race. For his life yes, but swimming no.

Attila the Hunt

I don’t know much about Korean culture and about the exact reason why Park beg. I cannot read Korean and thus never knew the details about that famous photo. Are you sure Park was begging? To swim a race?

Because as far as I know, in some Asian culture, people prostate to ask for forgiveness. You don’t think this is possible in this case that you jumped into conclusion that Park begged to swim a race?

Lp Man

Try this article on for size. Cannot clear things up anymore even for someone with an intellect the likes of yours. For some inexplicable reason you seem to think bowing and begging are comparable

Attila the Hunt

Where did I ever say bowing? In north east asian countries (japan, korea), bowing is a normal, daily occurrence, it’s like shaking hands for north american culture. For some reason you think that north-east asians bow when asking for forgiveness. You said this: “I get it. He needs to show a little more dignity and not be begging on his knees” But prostrating (like what Park did) is usually done when someone is asking for forgiveness. Not sure why Swimswam reported that he did the prostration for begging for a swim. Yes he wanted to swim in the Olympics and asked for it, but that prostration is for begging for forgiveness. When he was on his knees, he didn’t ask… Read more »

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