Why Do They Swim? (Part III)

By Robert Sullivan, third in a series They swim for rewards, certainly. We are all reward-aspirant to larger and lesser…

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4 Tips for Parents to Keep Your Swimmer in the Game

“Why is the focus on the top swimmers? Why don’t younger kids get more attention?”


Phelps & Schmitt Lead Substance Abuse & Mental Health Awareness Event

“Being involved in Awareness Day and with SAMHSA gives us the chance to emphasize that paying attention to mental health is another important component of growing up healthy,” says Michael Phelps of his and Allison Schmitt’s involvement in a special event.


Read Swimming Australia’s Statement On Hackett’s Latest Behavior

“We will continue to support them throughout this journey to recovery,” reads a portion of Swimming Australia’s statement concerning troubled retired Olympian Grant Hackett’s recent behavior.


Shouts From The Stands: Holding Separate Competitions For TUE Athletes

Talk of separate races for TUE (therapeutic use exemption) athletes is not new.


The Impact of Immigration Law on Elite Swimmers, Joshua Bratter, ESQ.

Navigating the Labyrinth: The Impact of Immigration Law on Elite International Swimmers (Featured image: Shaune Fraser 2-time Olympian/J.D., Legal Analyst and Joshua Bratter ESQ.)


Grant Hackett Arrested After ‘Ranting & Raving’ At Family Home

Troubled retired swimming star Grant Hackett of Australia was arrested at his family’s home today, February 15th.


5 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, swimming!

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SwimSwam Pulse: 34% Select 400 IM As Hardest Event

More than a third of SwimSwam readers picked the 400 IM as the hardest race in swimming in one of our most-voted polls yet.


4 Tips To Let Our Children Struggle And Grow

As swim parents, most of us are extremely involved in our children’s lives. Our kids have tough schedules with practices before and after school, plus weekends spent at meets. They balance their busy swim schedules with academics and trying to have a “normal” lif

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Why Do They Swim? (Part II)

By Robert Sullivan, in the second part of a five-piece series They swim to reach goals. We all set goals…

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7 Ways Swim Meets Prepare Our Kids for the Real World

Swim meets are a world upon themselves. They can be stressful, fun and a wild roller coaster ride. If we step back and let our swimmers take over, meets can be a place for them to be responsible.


Aussies Melanie & Chris Wright Welcome Baby Girl

Another possible Olympic swimmer has entered the world, courtesy of Aussie athletes Melanie and Chris Wright.


10 Things Non-Swimmers Say to Swimmers

It’s hard being a swimmer sometimes, especially since, as all swimmers know, no one outside the sport understands swimming.


9 Things You Can Learn From Your Swim Coach

What can I say about our coaches? Not a one them was perfect. My kids liked some better than others. They learned from each and every one, through good times as well as bad.