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Ryan Lochte, 12-time Olympic medalist, was back in action at 33 years old at the U.S. Open. His performance was ok.   He’s just getting back into the pain. We’ll call this his grace period. His 100m back was 55.16,  and in 200 IM he turned in a 1:59.24. Rumors circulated that Lochte had not been doing that much training, which he confirmed.  He said he’s only been in the pool once or twice per week.

Well into his 30s, can Lochte make a serious run at the elite level this quad? I think so. After his Rio appearance and after the birth of his son, Caiden, Lochte says he has a new fire burning.  Based on the reaction at the U.S. Open, he has a lot of fan support as well.

What do you think? If Lochte can make his mark, what events offer the best window of opportunity and what times does he need to put on the board?

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com, a Swimming News website.

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Who is going to coach Lochte for the next 3 years? Dave Salo? Jon Urbanchek? Does he go to San Diego and train with David Marsh? I think who coaches him will make a huge difference in how he performs, and if he will make the team in 2020. Lochte seems to do better with a coach who rules him with a bit of an iron fist and doesn’t expect him to manage his own training. He probably should move back to Florida and train with Gregg Troy, but there is no glamour in that move.

Col. Trautman

Kris (and Swimmer?, below), it looks like he is moving back to Florida…(this information courtesy of The Wolverine)


The Wolverine

@Col. Trautman – You tell that mean ocean!

I believe he has been training with Trojan Swim Club, and LA seems like the ideal place for his fiance’s occupation, so my guess is he stays in LA with Dave Salo. Should be interesting. Salo has had some success with breaststrokers and sprint/mid-distance freestylers, so if Lochte gets his butt in the water on a consistent basis, I think he’ll have a very strong shot at making the team in 2020.

I think in order to get back to the shape he wants to be in he needs heavy training under Flordia again, in order to get back he HAS to work, especially at the age he is now (33), Dressel appears to be his only challenge in American swimming, but Devine is dangerous with his 1:56.

Kalisz looks to be the go to 200 IMer. 2 1:55s at worlds and rapidly improving. Lochte will struggle to make a major team. Is doable, but I don’t think it’ll happen

If he starts to physically look like the 2011 and 2012 Ryan Lochte, then you’ll know he’s been training.

He was at his most muscular and low-body fat then. He’s got a little muffin-top around his waist going on right now.

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