No Allied Members Named to USA Swimming Board of Directors

At its February 3rd meeting of its Board of Directors, USA Swimming confirmed that no “Allied Members” requested a seat on the organization’s Board of Directors. That spot will then revert to an “at-large” member.

An Allied Member, as defined by USA Swimming (page 34), is as follows:


“Organizations who meet the following criteria may apply for allied membership in USA Swimming. The organization must have:

  1. a national swimming program,
  2. closed national competition that provides for elite athlete development or production,
  3. due process,
  4. a rulebook and
  5. an officials training program.

Application for allied membership must be approved by USA Swimming’s Board of Directors and then by the House of Delegates. Dues for allied membership are $500.00 annually. The organization will have a seat on the Board of Directors and at least one (1) delegate to the House of Delegates. The House of Delegates determines how many additional delegates they may have. The organization must pay $50 for each additional delegate.

In 2016, there were two allied memberships:

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
  • YMCA of the USA

Affiliate Members, meanwhile, are defined as organizations that have an “interest in swimming,” though to what degree they are involved in the sport varies. Affiliate Members only pay $100 annually and are allotted one delegate to the House of Delegates, though they may pay $50 for additional delegates if the House of Delegates agrees to permit more.

In 2016 there were eight affiliate members, some of which include US Masters Swimming, the International Swimming Hall of Fame, the American Red Cross, and the NJCAA.

Ultimately, neither the NCAA nor the YMCA put forward a representative for a spot on the USA Swimming Board of Directors this year.

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