New Product from Commit Swimming

We have a new product! It’s called Commit Results.

It’s not done yet, but we want you to try it. The truth is, it’ll probably never be done. But, that’s just how software products go :).

Swim clubs around the world have been using it since January and it’s already leaps and bounds better than it started! We are actually quite embarrassed by what it was when we put it in coaches’ hands in January.

Check out this video to learn more (or simply read on!):

What is Commit Results?

It’s the pulse for your team’s performance. It’s a place where you upload your team’s results and then feed your inner swim coach analytics brain by searching, sorting, filtering, analyzing, etc.

How do I try it?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your existing Commit email or create a new account
  3. Upload your meet results
  4. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions -> email us at [email protected]

You said it’s not done… so, when will it be good enough for me to use?

Hopefully, now! But, it never feels good enough to us.

What are the plans with Commit Results moving forward?

We have plans to bring more of a team focus to the product which will give you a simple yet powerful view of your team’s progress. We also have plans to combine the results data in Commit with the workout training and attendance data in Commit side by side. Bam! How cool would that be?

Bottom Line

Please start using this now. Help us work out the kinks and shape the product to be what you need. Continue using Commit to log your workouts (if you don’t already… then start) and begin loading in your results to Commit Results.

It’s gonna be a fun ride together as we make the combination of Commit Workouts and Commit Results the central pulse for your team’s performance.

Wait – what is your original product? (I’m just catching up)

Our flagship product is called Commit Swimming. It’s a simple and powerful way to write workouts like you would type them out in a Google Doc. It allows you to collaborate with your entire coaching staff on a platform available everywhere.

If you are a swim coach and don’t know what Commit is or haven’t looked at Commit in a while, go to and click “Try it Now”. It’s free to try and no credit card required. With your trial, you get swimming’s #1 workout manager on all of your devices. This state of the art software is built specifically for swim coaches and comes with 24/7 first class customer support.

Commit Swimming puts you, the coach, in control. Save more time writing workouts with Commit. Say goodbye to notebooks and clunky software.

Contact Commit anytime at [email protected]. You can also follow them on Facebook, on Twitter, or on their blog.

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