NBC Reveals Schedule, Record Number Hours Of Olympic Trials Coverage

With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro now just 130 days away, NBC has announced this summer’s Games will see the most number of hours of U.S. Olympic Trials coverage ever.

76 total hours of coverage, with more than 60 of those occurring during primetime, is included in NBC’s coverage, an amount which surpasses that of the 67.5 number of hours broadcast ahead of the 2012 London Olympics.

Coverage begins with the U.S. Olympic wrestling trials, which begin next week, with diving, swimming, gymnastics and track and field also included in the robust line-up. All of the events listed on NBC and NBCSN below will also be streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra.

Below is the just-releasted Trials coverage schedule from NBC:

Date Sport Coverage Network Time (ET)
4/9/2016 Wrestling Freestyle, Greco-Roman Finals NBCSN 7 p.m.
4/10/2016 Wrestling Freestyle, Greco-Roman Finals NBCSN 10:30 p.m.
5/8/2016 Rowing Finals NBCSN 5 p.m.
5/22/2016 Water Polo U.S. men, women vs. Australia NBCSN 4 p.m.
6/18/2016 Diving Synchro Semifinals NBCSN 8 p.m.
6/19/2016 Diving Synchro Semifinals NBCSN 8 p.m.
6/20/2016 Diving Individual Semifinals NBCSN 7 p.m.
6/21/2016 Diving Individual Semifinals NBCSN 7 p.m.
6/22/2016 Diving Synchro Finals NBCSN 9 p.m.
6/23/2016 Diving Men’s Synchro Platform NBCSN 7 p.m.
Gymnastics Men’s Trials NBCSN 8:30 p.m.
6/25/2016 Diving Men’s Springboard NBC 4:30 p.m.
Diving Women’s Platform NBC 8 p.m.
Gymnastics Men’s Trials NBC 9 p.m.
6/26/2016 Diving Women’s Springboard NBC 4:30 p.m.
Swimming Qualifying Heats NBCSN 6 p.m.
Diving Men’s Platform NBC 7 p.m.
Swimming Finals NBC 8 p.m.
6/27/2016 Swimming Qualifying Heats NBCSN 6:30 p.m.
Swimming Finals NBC 8 p.m.
6/28/2016 Swimming Qualifying Heats NBCSN 7 p.m.
Swimming Finals NBC 8 p.m.
6/29/2016 Swimming Qualifying Heats NBCSN 7 p.m.
Swimming Finals NBC 8 p.m.
6/30/2016 Swimming Qualifying Heats NBCSN 6:30 p.m.
Swimming Finals NBC 8 p.m.
7/1/2016 Swimming Qualifying Heats NBCSN 6 p.m.
Swimming Finals NBC 8 p.m.
Track Men’s Shot Put, 10,000m Finals NBC 9 p.m.
7/2/2016 Track Women’s 10,000m, Long Jump Finals NBC 2 p.m.
Swimming Qualifying Heats NBCSN 5 p.m.
Track Decathlon
Swimming Finals NBCSN 8 p.m.
7/3/2016 Swimming Finals NBC 7 p.m.
Track Men’s, Women’s 100m, 400m Finals
7/4/2016 Track 800m, Men’s Pole Vault NBCSN 7 p.m.
7/7/2016 Track Women’s Steeplechase, Shot Put NBCSN 8 p.m.
7/8/2016 Track Men’s 1500m, 100m Hurdles Semifinals NBCSN 6 p.m.
Track 100m Hurdles, Steeplechase Finals NBC 8 p.m.
Gymnastics Women’s Trials NBC 9 p.m.
7/9/2016 Track Men’s 110m Hurdles, 200m, 5000m NBC 8 p.m.
7/10/2016 Track 1500m, Women’s 200m NBC 7 p.m.
Gymnastics Women’s Trials NBC 8:30 p.m.
7/18/2016 Field Hockey U.S. Women vs. India NBCSN 6:30 p.m.





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please please please no commercial breaks during the distance events! are we at that point yet? has Ledecky not yet made it clear that it is preferable to watch the whole race?

Years of Plain Suck

I wish NBC would convince US Swimming to use colored lane lines (like those used in the Olys and Worlds) for US Trials. It would make it so much easier for spectators, both in person and online, to identify individual swimmers throughout a race.

ROWDY GAINES tidbit: Just think, if colored lane lines had been at the Men’s NCAA Championship this past weekend, perhaps Rowdy Gaines wouldn’t have botched his call of the 1,650 freestyle so badly (i.e., he wouldn’t have lost track of the winner speeding down lane #3 in the final 50).


Easy on Rowdy (RG), he is a great ambassador for swimming – and I’d rather listen to him than the Australians used last Olys (nothing against them, just would prefer to hear RG.

While I agree RG’s enthusiastic exclamations can grate on those of us who follow swimming closely b/c we hear it so much, he is great for the larger audience.

Another thought – Maybe swim swam can horn in on the NBC coverage or provide their own online…


Oh yeah, Totally agree on lane lines and commercials. I’d even settle for half screen for commercials as long as the action didn’t stop – or just offer a live feed online!


Love the persistence YOPS. My only experience of actually swimming with those yellow lanes is that when swimming in lanes 3 or 6, I can’t help noticing that one side is yellow and one side is blue or whatever. There’s something asymmetric about it. I understand that’s the international way, but if you’re not used to practicing that way, it could throw off the swimmer. Maybe USA swimming sees it this way and is trying to keep everyone at an equal advantage, before letting the elite qualifiers loose in the real world. I have no beef with RG – like his funny energy – but nobody’s talking about the crudely drawn ellipses around certain swimmers. That’s really a mess and… Read more »

Years of Plain Suck

Jiggs: thanks for the compliment. PERSISTENCE is a virtue I picked up in the pool.


I emailed the chair of championship evaluation for USA Swimming, and he said that no thought had been put into the laneline colors to his knowledge. So, it seems to me that USA Swimming hasn’t put much thought at all into this…

Years of Plain Suck

I had a back and forth on this subject with Chuck Wielgus in a SwimSwam thread in the spring of 2015. He said that US Swimming liked the uniform red, white, and blue lane lines. That seemed to end the discussion.

During the Kazan 2015 Championship, I ran a poll on SwimSwam (in the comments section). By a vote of 148-2, SwimSwam readers said that they would prefer to see the multi-color Olympic-style lane lines used at US Olympic trials in Omaha in 2016.

Lane Four

How am I going to fit all of this in? LOL LOL Let me see……three more months……ok, breathe. It will be here soon enough.

About Retta Race

Retta Race

After 16 years at a Fortune 1000 financial company, long-time swimmer Retta Race decided to change lanes and pursue her sporting passion. She currently is Coach for the Northern KY Swordfish Masters, a team she started up in December 2013, while also offering private coaching. Retta is also an MBA …

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