NBAC Swims Last Practice at Meadowbrook Pool

On Thursday, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club swam their last practice at Meadowbrook Swim Club, ending a relationship that dates back to the mid-80s. Meadowbrook is best known as the facility where Michael Phelps started swimming and trained as he became an international sports star in the 2000s.

NBAC founder Murray Stephens purchased Meadowbrook in 1987 and the club used the facility as their main training site. In 1995 the club built an indoor 6-lane 50-meter pool to go along with the Meadowbrook outdoor 10-lane 50-meter pool.

Phelps, owner of 28 Olympic medals, trained at Meadowbrook as an age-grouper when he made his first Olympic team as a 15-year old in 2000. He continued to train at Meadowbrook through the 2004 Athens Olympics where he won eight medals including six gold. After Athens, Phelps relocated to the University of Michigan with coach Bob Bowman. Phelps returned to Meadowbrook as he prepared for the 2012 London Olympics where he won six more medals, four of which were gold.

The home of history’s most-accomplished competitive swimmer Michael Phelps has given Meadowbrook Swim Club a bigger national brand than most pools have.

In 2015 Bowman left NBAC to take over at Arizona State where Phelps joined him. Prior to relocating to Tempe, Phelps had one last race at his childhood pool. Bowman and Phelps leased time at the pool until 2017 when they chose not to renew their lease

According to the Meadowbrook Swim Club website, they have started their own USA Swimming program. Meadowbrook Swim Team had their first official practice on May 1st. 

With the relationship between NBAC and Meadowbrook coming to an end, this leaves NBAC in flux in regard to their training location. The club is currently training at Springlake Swim Club and should be using the 4 Seasons pool this summer. They are looking at multiple facilities for the long term starting in the fall, with the pool Loyola University (MD) being among the options on the table.

Paul Yetter, Head Senior Coach at NBAC, posted a Facebook message about his history with the pool that dates back to 1990.

“We forward in this generation, triumphantly” – Bob MarleyYesterday our NBAC athletes & coaches had our final practice…

Posted by Paul Yetter on Friday, April 30, 2021

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USA 4x100 Medley Gold Medel 2021
2 days ago

new management after Michael and Bob’s lease ran out were not very pro NBAC

banned yet...

New management, you mean returning management. Murray Stevens is the owner of Meadowbrook pool.

Swimmer steve
2 days ago

Meadowbrook fails to realize just how much their success has been due to NBAC. Interested to see where meadowbrook swim team gets swimmers from in an already team dense area. Particularly if NBAC says close by.

As always doesn’t matter where NBAC trains they’ll continue to produce great swimmers.

USA 4x100 Medley Gold Medel 2021
Reply to  Swimmer steve
2 days ago

NBAC already pulls kids from the succesful teams in Baltimore. Highly doubt they have to worry about Meadowbrook Swim Team

cynthia curran
Reply to  Swimmer steve
1 day ago

Well, in Tucson its somewhat different. Ford, the team that practices at U Of A is the powerhouse rather than a club emerging from the suburbs like North Baltimore. In fact with the exception of Caitlin Leverenz that worked out at El Dorado Swim Club rather than Ford in Tucson Arizona most of the Olympic and National caliber swimmers are from Ford, a college program down to age group. Ford fixed up its pool about 3 years ago.

2 days ago

I’m surprised they weren’t using the Loyola pool already as a satellite location already.

Michael was doing some volunteer coaching for the college team back in 03 / 04.

Last edited 2 days ago by Xman
Reply to  Xman
2 days ago

Shaq vs Michael Phelps was also held at Loyola!

Reply to  thezwimmer
2 days ago

I’ve been waiting a long time for the rematch

Mr Piano
Reply to  Taa
1 day ago

I’m still waiting for Ian Thorpe vs Usain Bolt

MD swim mom
Reply to  Xman
1 day ago

The campus was closed to outside groups due to the pandemic but they had swimmers training their up until last February. They also used Goucher college. As the world was shut down Coach Tom Hines had his swimmers back in the water the beginning of June and they are still training and competing.

Reply to  MD swim mom
1 day ago

That’s good, great facility a lot of lanes.

I was pretty shocked when I first saw Meadowbrook’s indoor pool in videos of Phelps post 2008.

Surly the best swimmer in the world had world class facilities… Nope.

Last edited 1 day ago by Xman
Reply to  Xman
1 day ago

Loyola was already being used as a satellite for several years, and their pro group would practice alongside the college team with Bob Bowman and Brian Loeffler running some joint sessions.

Last edited 1 day ago by H2ound
Reply to  H2ound
1 day ago

That’s awesome, was probably a decent recruiting pitch before Arizona.