NBAC Coach Bob Bowman Comments on USRPT – Video Interview

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Swimming video edit by Coleman Hodges

NBAC Head Swim Coach Bob Bowman – Michael Phelps’ long-time coach – comments on USRPT (aka Ultra Short Race Pace Training). This was a followup question regarding the success of age group swim star Michael Andrew. Bowman has been asked this question a few times over the last several months. Bowman maintains race pace training is important, but that he does not solely coach race pace training to his swimmers. He prefers a mix of training.

Michael Andrew is coached by Peter Andrew, his father, aka Team Andrew.

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A lot of the negative comments about MA and race pace training in general, are probably from a lot of “Old School Swim Coaches” emphasis on OLD!

Many would rather have a swimmer fail doing it their way, rather than succeed doing something not on their agenda.

Their are far to many ego driven coaches around, it is almost an epidemic. Ive seen coaches take talented age group swimmers and drive them directly in Distance freestyle training no matter what they have shown promise in. Their is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL IN SWIMMING.

That is a tough question: what worked?
Was it the better sleep, food, training, mood, parenting …. ?

–> “Victory has a thousend fathers….”

Poor MA! He will get on the block knowing everybody will comment on his performance
and even the skill of his father. What a burden. Good luck to him!

Don’t all swimmers (or sportspeople for that matter) at elite level go onto the blocks knowing that everybody will comment on their performance? It’s is the nature of sport and nothing new.

it is extremely disappointing to observe Mr Bowman’s clear lack of understanding of the training method. Throughout the interview he refers to his beliefs and opinions on how training should be formatted. It is very evident that Bowman has not comprehensively researched USRPT, something I find very worrying considering the “elite” coach status he holds – you would like he would have a more extensive answer as to why he believes the USRPT format shouldn’t be the single entity in a swimmers programme. Although, swimming is not yet an exact science, there is enough evidence out there for Bowman to look at and discover how USRPT is a very extensive researched method of training- or better yet check his own… Read more »

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