Moldovan Alexei Sancov Breaks World Junior Record in 200 Free


A new swimming power is emerging in Eastern Europe in the landlocked nation of Moldova. 18-year old Alexei Sancov has broken the World Junior Record in the 200 meter free, and in the process crushed his own National Senior Record in the same event.

Swimming in the final on Sunday at the European Junior Championships, Sancov swam a 1:47.00 in the long course event. That breaks the official World Junior Record in the event, which currently stands at a 1:47.10 by American Maxime Rooney. Rooney did his swim at the 2015 US National Championships.

The swim, of course, is not the fastest ever done by a junior swimming – rather it’s the fastest time done since the records were established in 2014. The European Junior Championships Meet Record is a 1:46.58 done by Frenchman Yannick Agnel in 2010. Russian Danila Izotov, in 2009, swam a 1:43.90 in the 200 free in 2009 at an age where he would have been eligible for the World Junior Record if they were recognized at the time. That swim by Izotov was the best of his career and is LEN’s benchmark time before they’ll recognize a new European Junior Record in the event.

Sancov’s previous best was a 1:48.54 from last year’s European Junior Championships.

Comparative splits:

  • Sancov ’17: 25.22 – 27.42 – 27.12 – 27.24 = 1:47.00 (New WJR)
  • Rooney ’15: 24.83 – 27.14 – 27.49 – 27.64 = 1:47.10 (Old WJR)
  • Agnel ’10: 25.38 – 27.35 – 27.28 – 26.57 = 1:46.58 (Current Meet Record)
  • Izotov ’09: 24.78 – 26.34 – 26.46 – 26.32 = 1:43.90 (Faster Junior Time)

This swim is Sancov’s second medal of the meet – he also took silver in the 100 free in 49.01. Moldova had never won a medal, men’s or women’s, at the European Junior Championships prior to this year, but now have 4 – 2 bronze on the women’s side, plus Sancov’s two.



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We all know Thorpe is the true Jr wr holder.


What was his time?




So really it is Izotov


He was using a super suit. Might as well include someone who used steroids.


And Thorpe didn’t use an even more covering supersuit?


Thorpe had a killer suit, better than today’s suits, but inferior to even a lzr, and the lzrs were way inferior to the later arena glides and jaked types of suits.


1:45.37 at the 2000 OG when Thorpe was 17.


just 18 ( Thorpe has early Oct birthday ) . This is a birthdate that works well for summer sports in Aust – kids tend to get lots of sporting equipment for birthdays & they can go straight out to use it whereas most others have to wait for xmas . 10weeks advantage every year adds up.


He swam the 200 free 1:45.37 in September


Isotov went 1:43 at 18??? That’s incredible, I know it was in a super suit but still that’s hauling


I hadn’t realized he was that fast either!


Never would have broken 1:45 in that race without it. Maybe not even 1:46. It was fast, but come on, he could not do anywhere near that time textile in 2009.

Winnie Pearl

Swimmer? you are definitely that we would not have done near that time, especially considering he has not swam that close to since. However, look at the race, he was only a leg suit and not a full body suit, so he definitely did not get the same advantage that many super suit wearers got.


It is still worth a 1:45 mid in today’s suits.


Anyhow nice to see Alexia move up the ranks . Not many from Moldova before him .

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