Michael Phelps promotes Aqua Sphere, says 100 fly feels the best – US Nationals Press Conference

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Lane Four

Boy does he look good. He actually looks better NOW than he did before London. He looks happy. A happy Michael Phelps is a very dangerous competitor. Can’t wait for Nationals to start!


I agree with you, he looks fantastic. I know he will be on fire and I cannot wait to see him at Nationals.


Totally agree.

I think swimmers after the age of 25-26 may need to plan a one year retirement (while maintaining general fitness) on regular basis to come back refreshed and hungry for success.
Of course this does not apply to distance swimmers.

We Love Phelps

wow! Phelps must have been visiting the weight room regularly….look at his biceps 😀
he looks so relaxed here! good to know MP has changed his diet & ate more vegetables in the last six months. wonder if this will help enhance his sprinting speed?
100 fly…. can’t wait!

bobo gigi

It’s great!
Michael needs big biceps!
He’s a sprinter now! 🙂
GO MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ya that’s what I was going to say… if he wants to play with the big boys like Adrian he needs those big muscles.

Lazy Observer

It drives me a little crazy how terrible the questions are at these conferences. 1) They ask questions that have been asked at every previous conference (even sometimes the day prior at the same meet), suggesting that they didn’t bother to do research (ex. “Will you swim the 200 fly? What is different between where you are today and where you were in the past?” “What brought you back to the pool?” “How often did you two communicate during the long break?”). How many times can you hear someone say, “I’m having fun. I came back to get in shape. I’m much more involved in what I do or don’t do. I answer his texts. My mom couldn’t decide for… Read more »

Lane Four

Amen. You said it all.

bobo gigi

Nothing new here. The level of the questions is like most of the time very bad.
They are almost always the same.
But it seems to be like that everywhere in the world! 😆


Jeez man, some questions are really, really bad yeah!

However, he truly does seem to be ultra fit. Would love to be a fly on the pool deck to see what kind of sets and what kind of times he’s doing now…


The best answers were the unintentional quips that emerged: “Very unhappy pre-London”, “have not done the required work for the 200 fly for 6 years” ” London 200 fly was a smoke and mirrors job on the 200 fly”. Sounds like Tyler Clary was spot on with his comments at the time. Now that MP is having fun and enjoying himself, let’s see what he can do. Should be good to watch.


Re: Tyler Clary: I think Clary’s experience training with Phelps was during Bowman’s time in Michigan when Phelps trained with Club Wolverine, which was part of the leadup to Beijing where we know they were doing what needed to be done. Still, I think you’re on to something here about “happy Phelps” having something to do with Clary’s comments. The reluctant attitude in practice, being disrespectful to Bob, etc. that pre-comeback Phelps did was probably interpreted by Clary as laziness and being unwilling to fulfill or ungrateful for his huge potential. This probably festered for a while, and by the time Clary gave that interview (4+ years later, IIRC) the story had warped and exaggerated itself in his head.


So ridiculous questions ! he said he won’t do the 200 fly anymore weeks ago ! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL

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