Michael Phelps is Back in the USADA Drug Testing Pool

The United States Anti-Doping organization, the group responsible for drug-testing American athletes, has released their statistics for the 3rd quarter of 2013 (July 1st-September 30th), and Michael Phelps is back in the testing pool.

This is the first concrete sign that Phelps’ time back in the water is something more than just ‘for fitness,’ as reentering the testing pool is the first step to coming out of retirement for a swimmer. Per FINA rules, a swimmer must be in the testing pool for 9 months before they are allowed to return to FINA competition officially.

Phelps was tested twice in the 3rd quarter of 2013. While this is no guarantee that he’s going to return to competition, it means that he’s made the 2014 U.S. National Championships a possibility. That meet is the qualifier for the 2014 Pan Pac Championships and the 2015 World Championships.

This announcement comes on the same day as Phelps was spotted both on deck and in the warmup pool at the Minneapolis Grand Prix. He has been posing for pictures with younger swimmers all day, and the pictures have been all over the social media networks.

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I imagine that he will have to see how things go before he commits full bore and makes a move towards Pan Pacs/Worlds. Could see him competing @ AustinGP to help make a decision to go to MesaGP and making a decision then for Summer Nats.

I wonder how much seeing Agnel in the water with Dwyer every day he stopped by NBAC practice played with his head?


I could see him doing this for 2 reasons for 2016: he enjoys swimming too much to let go, and realizes that the USA is weak right now for 100 flyers and 100 freestylers, and could pretty easily put in the work to get 2 relays (400MR, 400FR), a 100 fly (if he wanted to push for an individual swim), and maybe go for the 800FR too. I don’t think we’ll see him going for a big schedule, with the only 200 possibly the IM only because he and Lochte were so far ahead of the world.


i agree Matt, he will do all relays, 100 Fly and for 200’s I lean to Fly over IM…

C Martin

“Phelps’ hope’s alive!” – Dan Hicks

Here’s to Rio!

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