Mexico To No Longer Host Open Water Junior Worlds, Grand Prix in 2016

Mexico will no longer host a pair of major FINA open water events in 2016 according to a document on the Brazilian Swimming Federation’s site – most notably, Mexico will no longer host the 2016 Open Water Junior World Championships.

The event was scheduled to take place in Guadalajara in the coming year, but will no longer take place in Mexico. This document on the Brazilian Swimming Federation (known as the CBDA) website says Mexico will no longer host three official open water events it was scheduled to host in 2016. Junior Open Water Worlds was the headlining event.

Though the explanation for why Mexico will no longer host the event is not clear yet, the move comes after Mexico bowed out as the hosts of the 2017 FINA World Championships due to the high costs of hosting that event.

It appears one of the other two events slated to go in Mexico that is now cancelled is the Cozumel stop of the FINA Open Water Grand Prix. Cozumel is no longer listed on the FINA website.

That Grand Prix series is now getting thin on stops – FINA just announced yesterday that the Argentina stop of the Grand Prix was cancelled as well.

It’s been a turbulent year for the Mexican swimming federation. In addition to backing out of hosting duties for the 2017 World Championships, Mexico also faced a scandal at the 2015 World Championships when news broke that the nation had falsified entry times on several of its swimmers (though FINA said there would be no punishment for the infraction).

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