Melanie Schlanger Pulls Out of Australian World Champs Squad

Melanie Schlanger, whose rejuvenated career culminated with a 4th-place finish in the women’s 100 free at last year’s Olympic Games, has pulled out of the World Championships due to a combination of illnesses and injuries that have interrupted her training in 2013.

According to Australia’s Border Mail, Schlanger said of the decision “Unfortunately that’s pretty much given me a total of about a week of race-specific training which for me is not enough in my mind to be competitive at the world championships and be at the standard that I expect of myself and what I believe should be expected of a swimmer on the national team.”

Schlanger won a gold and two silver medals at last summer’s Olympic Games, all of which came in relays.

Schlanger has battled a rib injury, a sore shoulder, and some viral infection already in 2013. The most significant of those was the rib, injured while doing a strong-man-esque style training routine with truck tires. That directly impacted her performance at this year’s Australian National Championships, which caused her to qualify for only for the 400 and 800 free relays.

This will be a blow to the hopes of the Australian women at following their Olympic success with another 400 free relay gold, though it could be balanced out by the return to form of one Cate Campbell, who has the 5 best 100 freestyle times in the world already this year.

The spot will be filled by swimmers already on the team, which could tax an already fairly thin women’s squad. Cate Campbell will certainly swim this relay in finals, as will Alicia Coutts, but the other two spots now will likely be filled by the younger Bronte Campbell, Emily Seebohm, Brittany Elmslie, and/or Ami Matsuo.

The full updated Australian roster can be seen below:

MEN (21 pool, 3 open water)
Matthew ABOOD (26) NSW, Ashley DELANEY (27) VIC, Tommaso D’ORSOGNA (22) WA, Thomas FRASER-HOLMES (21) QLD, Alexander GRAHAM (18) VIC, Jordan HARRISON (17) QLD, Simon HUITENGA (24) WA, Grant IRVINE (22) QLD, Jarrod KILLEY (22) NSW, Mitch LARKIN (19) QLD, Matson LAWSON (20) VIC, James MAGNUSSEN (22) NSW,  Rhys MAINSTONE (22) WA, Cameron MCEVOY (18) QLD, Ned MCKENDRY (20) QLD, David MCKEON (20) NSW, Jarrod POORT (18) NSW, Brenton RICKARD (29) QLD, James ROBERTS (22) QLD, Christian SPRENGER (27) QLD, Matt TARGETT (27) VIC, Kenneth TO (20) NSW, Chris WRIGHT (24) QLD, Daniel TRANTER (21) NSW

WOMEN (total 14 pool, 4 open water)
Jessica ASHWOOD (19) NSW, Bronte BARRATT (24) QLD, Bronte CAMPBELL (18) QLD, Cate CAMPBELL (20) QLD, Alicia COUTTS (25) QLD, Danielle DE FRANCESCO (20) QLD, Brittany ELMSLIE (18) QLD, Sally FOSTER (28) SA, Melissa GORMAN (27) QLD, Chelsea GUEBECKA (14) QLD, Belinda HOCKING (22) VIC, Bonnie MACDONALD (17) QLD, Samantha MARSHALL (20) VIC, Ami MATSUO (16) NSW, Emma MCKEON (18) NSW, Megan NAY (24) QLD, Kylie PALMER (23) QLD, Emily SEEBOHM (20) QLD

*Italics – Qualified as an Open Water Swimmer



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7 years ago

There goes AUS 4×100 free gold.

USA is prohibitive favorite now in this event.

Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

What makes you so sure? On paper, the Australians are actually still faster, based on adding the times of the top 4 at trials. The Australians have more time to improve between their trials and champs, and were less fresh – the Americans swam the 100 early while the Australian race was late in the meet and had more stages. I like the Americans’ chances as well, but I’m puzzled as to why you think it’s a done deal.

Reply to  Bourdais
7 years ago

The problem is not so much that AUS did not have other swimmers who swim fast. The problem is that AUS is not bringing many female swimmers to Barcelona (14 total?). In the past, Australia was always able to rest at least 3 of their top swimmers in the prelims relays and still got a very good middle lane in the final. The absence of Schlanger means that AUS will have to swim Bronte or Cate also in the prelims to guarantee they will get a middle lane. This means also that AUS does not have much choice if one of their top relay swimmers goes “off” or is not “hot”, which leads to reduced chance of going fastest. AUS… Read more »

Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

Not so fast ASwimfan. The Australians still have depth and remain favorites. The Campbell sisters give them a 52 and a 53sec swimmer. Coutts is also a proven 53 second swimmer. Elmslie split 53.4 on the gold medal winning relay in London. That’s a very strong foursome. Then you have 18 y/o Emma McKeon who is on the verge of breaking 54 (she was 54.17 at the Australian Champs.)

It was already known that even if Schlanger competed she was unlikely to be on the form of last year given her persisting health issues (she was behind all the aforementioned swimmers at the Australian Nationals).

7 years ago

Aussie swimmers seem to have a constant list of injuries and illnesses when they get close to major competitions.

jean Michel
7 years ago

Nothing is done before ” J ” Day but this gives the Usa more chances to get close to gold . We will seee ………..

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