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Spread Like Wildfire: Power Of Awareness & Education Of Mental Health

How can something that you can’t see, hear, or touch be life threatening? Welcome to the world of mental illness….

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Rough Seas // Tough Sailor – An Open Discussion On Mental Illness

I started Rough Seas // Tough Sailor – a website and community dedicated to the open discussion, support, and advocacy of mental health and mental illness in athletics.


Anxiety, Depression & Swimming: How My Career Was Taken From Me

Eventually, I let the anxiety win. I met with my coach a month and a half before Olympic Trials, and decided to call it quits. The sport that I used to love so much was now my enemy.


Grant Hackett Issues Statement, Acknowledges Mental Health Issues

Grant Hackett acknowledges he needs help for his mental health issues.


Phelps & Schmitt Lead Substance Abuse & Mental Health Awareness Event

“Being involved in Awareness Day and with SAMHSA gives us the chance to emphasize that paying attention to mental health is another important component of growing up healthy,” says Michael Phelps of his and Allison Schmitt’s involvement in a special event.


Learning From 2016, As Told By A College Athlete

2016 was one of the most challenging and difficult years of my life, but it was also the year that taught me the most lessons.


Former Texas Swimmer, 1980 Olympic Hopeful Gives TED Talk

Lidia Yuknavitch, an elite swimmer turned writer, discusses the importance and beauty of reinventing oneself after failure.


Take Part In The Season Of Giving With Athletes Connected

Ninety percent of student-athletes who are struggling with mental health issues do not seek professional help, according to survey research….


Ways to Improve the Developmental System: No More King Coaches

Why we need to change coaching culture from a bygone era


Ways to Improve the Best Developmental System in the World: Part One

Swimmers should advance with mental fitness equal to their physical fitness


Courtney Weaver on Retirement: ‘I am in Control of My Own Happiness”

11-time YMCA National Champion, former USA Swimming National Team member, and 2013 World Junior Championships team captain, Courtney Weaver has retired with two years of NCAA eligibility remaining.


Woman vs. Food

Transparency is important in my life. One of the most difficult things I dealt with is my vision of myself, my eating issues and how I worked to overcome it.


Watch: NCAA Qualifier Emily Fogle Speaks at TEDx On Her Inspiring Life

Former Purdue swimmer Emily Fogle opens up about the incredible hardships that she has faced during her swimming career.


Mental Health Awareness Month: 5 Ways to Put Your Wellbeing First

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  We all fall on a continuum of wellbeing and can benefit…

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Phelps: “I felt like I didn’t want to see another day”

4 months out from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Michael Phelps is going in with a much different mindset than…


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