Learn The Body Weight Squat to Develop Strength

Welcome to day 2 of the Building Blocks progression powered by BridgeAthletic.

BridgeAthletic graphic, 2015 squat series

Today we would like to share the second exercise of the squat progression, the body weight squat. Check out the instructional video below and keep progressing!

Exercise 2: BW Squat

The BW Squat is an excellent introduction to squat mobility and form. Work on developing strength by increasing repetitions.

More Building Blocks:

Miss any of the progression or want to review? Check out the other building blocks below.

Day 1: Wall Sit

Now it’s your turn:

Thanks for joining us on the second stage of the squat progression.

Want Feedback?

We’re here to help. We highly encourage you and your athletes to share videos and pictures performing the exercises. Use #BuildBetterAtheltes in order to receive feedback and guidance from one of our elite coaches on the BridgeAthletic Performance Team.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Building Blocks!

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Gina Rhinestone
5 years ago

In Russia there are machines at train stations where you do 30 squats – a ticket is issued free.

Reply to  Gina Rhinestone
5 years ago

Gina, are you sober when you post?

Reply to  Catherine
5 years ago

Vystavochaya Station is one of them actually. Pay with 30 squats in two minutes and you get a free train ticket. Now apologize to Gina.

Joel Lin
Reply to  Katrina
5 years ago

Ok, Sorry Gina. Now, what is the reason for something so goofy? Is this a way of promoting public fitness, an attempt to communicate with aliens…? Quite simply the oddest thing I’ve heard in some time.

Reply to  Joel Lin
5 years ago

I don’t think it’s there anymore, it was a promotion for the Sochi Olympics.

Joel Lin
5 years ago

I’d love to hear the reasoning behind that.

Reply to  Joel Lin
5 years ago

From a Forbes article on the run-up to the Sochi Olympics.

Ultimately, Olympic officials say, it’s about bringing sports to the people. “We wanted to show that the Olympic Games are not just an international competition most people watch on TV every two years,” said Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee. “They are also about involving everyone in the sporting way of life.”

If you’re a dog, you have to get 60 just to get shelter.