Kyle Chalmers Fires 47.35 Worlds Warning Shot For Fresh PB


Taking back over the #1 swimmer in the world status in the men’s 100m free is Kyle Chalmers, the reigning Olympic champion in the event.

Competing on night 5 of the 2019 Aussie World Trials, the 20-year-old delivered big-time to rack up his 2nd World Championships qualifying event, hitting the wall in a massive 47.35 for gold.

His time overtakes his recent 47.48 thrown down at Aussie Nationals as his new career-fastest, displacing Russian Vladislav Grinev who had beaten out Chalmers’ previous PB in 47.48 just days later to take over the world rankings throne.

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Splits for Chalmers tonight include a massive 23.13/24.22, keeping the Marion swimmer in the #4 slot among all-time Australians.

All-Time Aussie Men Performers in 100 Free:

47.04 Cameron McEvoy Adelaide 11.04.16
47.05 Eamon Sullivan  Beijing 13.08.08
47.10 James Magnussen  Adelaide 19.03.12
47.35 Kyle Chalmers TONIGHT

Chalmers’ 47.35 world-leading mark now also inserts the World Championships-bound athlete on the list of all-time top 10 performers in the event worldwide. His time makes him the #10 swimmer, ahead of Americans Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian and Jason Lezak.

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Old Man Chalmers

Might want to fix that DOB for chalmers 😉

Love to Swim

Unless he is Old Man Chalmers, he was certainly not born in 1982 lol


Back in 24.22 is filthy.

Completely different splits to Dressel (22.31/24.86 in Budapest). Be interesting to see if they change their tactics to account for each other or follow the same approach as previously, with Dressel probably taking circa a second lead into second 50 and Chalmers coming after him down the back half.


those 2 are gonna battle to the wire next month ….


Definitely, like Thorpe v Hackett in 98 and Phelps v Cavic in 09 they probably won’t come together until the end either.

Stroke for stroke’s great, but seeing whether one swimmer will run out of pool or the other run out of steam is just as exciting.


But there may have a.shot someone else entirely hit the race on world and pass those 2


who ? Grinev ? or maybe Timmers ? or even maybe Scott or Chierighini ….i highly doubt anybody will come close to those 2 this summer ….

Ol' Longhorn

Dressel’s been back-halfing nearly all his races lately. And he hasn’t shown the raw speed of Budapest yet in a 50 free since then. Wouldn’t be surprised if the first 50 difference is just the start/breakout with Chalmers at his mid-chest or hip, and then it stays that way until Chalmers passes him in the last 10 meters.

50 free

No way Chalmers passes him the last 10m. It would have to be in the middle of the pool because of the way Caleb accelerates no breathe into the wall.

Ol’ Longhorn

You’re thinking short course, bc althoug he no breathes at the end on free in LCM without his dolphins and breakout , he’s not accelerating at all. He’s decelerating less.


If you go back and watch Dressel’s 100 free at 2017 WC, Dressel gets a body length lead off his start, his competitors catch up with him over the race, and then he surges at the end to regain that body length lead.


I am sure Troy & Dressel are carefully analyzing the way Chalmers is back halfing his races – to find the right strategy & avoid such scenario ….


Probably, but I think Troy will be careful of over strategising. If he thinks Dressel’s in sub 47 shape, he’ll just say go out and swim the fastest time you possibly can, if Chalmers still beats you with some unreal time that’s just sport.


This is gonna be extremely tricky. I think the swimmer who has the stronger back half is in a much better place in every race. Plus if they swim next to each other Dressel might even pull Chalmers along the first 50 so he would not have a lead big enough to hold him down. We will see soon. Exciting. And Grinev’s race was also damn good he might be up there.


How much drafting even happens in the 100 free? These lanes are wide, they have wave reducing lane lines, and guys aren’t cozying up on top of the lane lines the way you might see someone do in the mile. If anything, getting a big kick in your face on the first 50 will do harm than good.


see re: Lezak 2008…

Ol' Longhorn

But Bernard was just stupid hugging the lane line.


Watch the rio 100 free final. TImmers drafts off condorelli on the way home and blows by him. That’s the most recent example I can remember seeing


This guy peaks like a champion too; Fully expect him to be a bit faster at Worlds. Gauntlet well and truly thrown down. That 1.55 from Larkin is a bit tasty too; stronger back half (1.01.23) than I expected.

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