Joseph Schooling Swims World’s #2 100 Fly at Austin Sectionals


Joseph Schooling swam a 50.96 in the 100 fly on Saturday in his home pool in Austin. With 3 weeks to go before he represents Singapore at the World Championships, the swim can serve of a response of sorts (be it intentional or not) to his rival Caeleb Dressel, who swam a world-leading 50.87 at the United States’ World Championship Trials a week ago.

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That time is the 3rd-best of Schooling’s career, and easily his best outside of a World Championship or Olympic Games. His previous in-season best was a 51.58 – done in early June last year in the buildup to the Olympics, where he dethroned Michael Phelps and won gold in the race.

Schooling took the race out in 23.7 and closed in 27.20. That means he split fairly similarly to what Dressel did last week, but opened a little faster. Ironically, Dressel, who is more known as a sprinter than is Schooling, had the better last 50.

First 50m Second 50m Final Time
Schooling Sectionals 23.76 27.20 50.96
Dressel Trials 23.87 27.00 50.87

Schooling and Dressel both hail from the Bolles program in Jacksonville, Florida, though Schooling attended the school and Dressel didn’t, so they were in different training groups. Both swimmers held the National High School Record in the 100 fly at different points in their parallel careers, though Dressel was more renowned for his 50 freestyle abilities. At the 2017 NCAA Championships, Dressel beat Schooling in his signature event, the 100 fly, and now the two will go toe-to-toe full bore in long course.

Schooling wasn’t the only Longhorn Aquatics swimmer to post an impressive time in that race – his teammate Tripp Cooper swam a best time of 52.13. Post-grad Bryce Bohman took 3rd in 53.08.

In the women’s 100 fly, French Olympian Beryl Gastaldello, who trains at Texas A&M, swam 59.46 to win the race. That’s her second-best time of the season so far, behind only the 58.0 lifetime-best that she swam at French Elite Nationals in late May.

Other Day 3 Winners:

  • Texas A&M Mauro Castillo-Luna won the men’s 100 breaststroke in 1:02.94, which is his best in-season time.
  • After a new best and Bahamian Record in the 200 free on FridayJoanna Evans won again on Saturday – this time in the 400 free. She swam 4:10.86 (which is about 3 seconds from her National Record).
  • Jeff Newkirk added a middle-distance sweep of his own, taking the 400 free win in 3:57.91.
  • Kendall Shields of the local Austin Swim Club won the women’s 100 back in 1:03.01 – beating-out Texas undergrad Kaitlin Harty (1:03.32).
  • Shields raced with Quinn SchaedlerElla Collins, and Catriona Macgregor to a win in the women’s 400 free relay in 3:51.18. The 15-year old Schaedler had the fastest split of the group on the leadoff with a 57.22.
  • Texas A&M undergrad Brock Bonetti won the men’s 100 back in 55.64 – almost two seconds better than runner-up Iegor Lytvenok.
  • Rice junior Marie-Claire Schilling sent a reminder that there are other quality college programs in Texas. She won the 100 breaststroke in 1:10.92.
  • Streamline Aquatics won the 400 free relay with a foursome of 20-somethings. Beau FusilierIegor LytvenokKyrylo Shvets and Luke Shaw combined for a 3:28.35. Shaw anchored in the fastest split of 51.13.


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Jon Nap

And he backs up his interview. Great swim by Jo. Worlds will be interesting!


Except he’s getting slower. Added a couple tenths.


How about u swim and let me know the time? He is still undergoing tapering so it is a commendable time.

Justin Thompson

If the requirement to post is to swim world class times then we have a lot of people posting unnecessarily including yourself.


Man, are you sensitive. The fact is this: he went slower than he said he did in practice (and both were in clear water). And to that statement of fact, you go off on me. It’s deeper into his taper than his alleged 50.7, and he’s going slower after loafing a prelim 100 free, having a day off, and loafing a prelim 100 fly. If I were he, I’d be troubled by that. The reason is, he’s not tapering off any serious base. Maybe that’s why you’re so sensitive about it. Guarantee that Dressel and LeClos are getting faster, not slower, as they approach Worlds.

crooked donald

What’s your time, Jay (I mean, Joe)?


I heard that, in practice, Jay did a 50.30. New textile best. And he’s not even into his full taper.

Attila the Runt

Jay, you and the other Schooling fans have to realize that Joe is a pro athlete, so criticism comes with the territory. He was monetarily incentivized and rewarded ($1 million) for his Rio swim. If you think he’s an amateur, then you also believe the Soviet men’s hockey team was amateur. 20-year-old pro athletes in other sports, take basketball, get crucified (LeBron and Kobe were both heavily criticized) in comments sections by opposing fans, far, far worse than anything that has come up with Schooling. Sure he’s a 20-year-old “kid,” but he’s one who is a million dollars richer and marketing himself for more. Criticism — including the factual comment that Bigly made about the time being slower than the… Read more »


added a couple tenths to what?

Justin Thompson

He was bragging about swimming a 50.7 in practice.

Sean S

If you actually watch the interview he was not bragging at all, and did his best to downplay it.

crooked donald

Downplaying it? To the point of giving his splits? Come on.

Justin Thompson

He should be at least as fast as he was in practice.

crooked donald

Faster, if he’s deeper into his taper. He won’t have the benefit of going two seconds slower in any prelim swim like he did in the free and fly at this meet (and with a day off in between).


Good swim


I disagree

He Gets It Done Again

You make a strong argument


Strong work, ONEHANDTOUCH. You scientifically determined by downvotes, that there are currently 52 Schooling fanboys on these boards.

Dalton L

Schooling in practice the other day said he went 50.7


Lol no. Don’t be naive.


I love how I get dislikes because Schooling fanboys want him to break 40 in the 100 fly or whatever. Stop making him look bad. Some swimmers just never improve after an amazing swim (not saying that he won’t).


At this rate, the Shooling fanboys are going to turn him into the Dean Farris of the Worlds.


with a watch so its give or take a few tenths


Eddie’s watch gets really good times from what some friends have told me.

Sean S

He mentioned some other coaches timed it,

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