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Job Description:

Date posted: October 15, 2020

Location: 7 Stadium Drive, Singapore


Within the guidelines and constraints determined by Singapore Swimming Association (SSA), the Water Polo Technical Director is a leadership role for the delivery of the overall technical strategies and plans for water polo, including establishment and management of the Pathway Development Centers (PDC), development of a systematic and relevant training program for the National Teams, NYDS and PDCs, strengthening the strategies and training program of both the Men’s and Women’s National Teams, enhancing the competencies of local coaches and providing technical direction and the development of water polo in Singapore. This post is a full-time position based in Singapore under the employment of Singapore Swimming Association (SSA).

Reports to the Executive Director as well as support the Vice-President (Water Polo) in all matters pertaining to Water Polo in Singapore.




  • Effective Relationship and communication with SSA’s Partners and Stakeholders
  1. To work closely with the SSA’s partners and stakeholders including SportSG, its affiliates, other national federations, and sponsors to ensure alignment.


  • Technical Responsibilities
  1. Leads and oversees the SWP high performance strategies including athletes and coaches development pathways in accordance with the objectives established in the Multi-Year Sports Plan (MYSP) and by SSA.
  2. Contributes to the development of the SWP technical strategies and plans, including the articulation of multi-year and annual MYSP to achieve the established performance objectives and to assist and advise the Management Committee on defining the Multi-Year Sports Plan for Water Polo.
  3. Reviews SWP’s technical performance against short, intermediate and long-term plans, provides analysis & recommendations, and makes appropriate adjustments as required.
  4. To work in partnership with the Sport Director in the implementation and progress reporting of SWP’s Multi-Year Sports Plan (MYSP), which includes SWP’s high performance targets and a sustainable pipeline.
  5. Working closely with the Head Coaches, ensures that strong international training and competition calendar are designed for all NTs.
  6. Manages and monitors all National Team Programmes, NYDS and PDC programmes including coaching staff impacting these programmes, ensuring that their responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities are clearly defined, understood, carried out, and evaluated.
  7. To lead and the Pathway Manager in putting in place governance and programs to enhance the daily training environment of the players. These includes putting in place coaches’ education pathways as well as athletes’ development pathways.
  8. To mentor and nurture the NYDS Coaches and PDC Coaches, by changing the attitudes of coaches through one-to-one tutoring that will include pool deck practical lessons, to institute a common curriculum to achieve the necessary fundamental standards.
  9. To develop training development program for the NYDS from learn-to-train to learn-to-compete levels, to equip them with the necessary skill sets of attack and defense strategies for the National team and to assist the NYDS coaches to motivate the youth players.
  10. To deliver the technical component of the SG Coach Level 1 Coaching Course modules in partnership with CoachSG.
  11. To lead in the development of the Integrated Coach Level 2 Course and in the conduct of the Course in partnership with CoachSG.
  12. To lead in nurturing the School and Club coaches through Continuing Education Programs, Clinics as well as pool deck sessions.
  13. Work closely with the Singapore Sports Institute Scientist Support Group on high performance plan to provide sports science and medicine support for national athletes.
  14. To assist schools and clubs coaches in developing coaching strategies and athlete development strategies that will help the school and clubs to increase their pipelines and improve quality and competency of their players.
  15. To sit as a member of the Games Strategies and the Water Polo Technical Committees to advise on the development of the sport, driving towards a playing style that exploits world-class water polo strategies and tactics which are suitable for our smaller-built athletes.


  • Performance Targets
  1. To conduct 10 mentoring sessions for coaches per month.
  2. To conduct of at least 4 pool deck tutorial sessions per month.
  3. To qualify 10 X Level 2 coaches by 2021, another 5 by 2022 and another 5 by 2023
  4. To improve the quality of 20 X Level 2 Coaches and 40 X Level 1 coaches by 2023
  5. To help establish up to 5 PDCs by 2024
  6. To complete the learn-to-train program by 2021 and the learn-to-compete program by 2022.


  • Team Communication
  1. Communicate SSA policies to all team members (including but not limited to Team By-Laws, Anti-Doping Policy, Member Protection Policies) and complete incident reports of any breaches.


  • Programme Budget
  1. To prepare and implement the high-performance & development budget.


  • Reports
  1. Follow up all incidents and report to VP (Water Polo) & Executive Director on final outcomes.
  2. Database of athlete performance and progressive updates on NT, NYDS and PDC’s performance and training plans




  • Experience
  1. Possess relevant Water Polo coaching certifications.
  2. Experienced in coaching water polo successfully at major international meets.
  3. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the issues relating to managing a major national team at an international meet.
  4. Has the demonstrated capacity to coordinate activities, people and resources and to maintain appropriate monitoring and controls.
  5. Experienced in dealing with international and national media and press conferences.
  6. Demonstrates technical knowledge of water polo to enable understanding of specific water polo administrative procedures and technical requirements of the athletes and other officials.
  7. Has the interpersonal skills and technical expertise to provide an effective link between team members and Championship officials and technical committees.
  8. Experienced in coaching players successfully at international meets.
  9. Experienced developing season plans and working with Sports Scientist.
  10. Experienced in mentoring coaches.


  • Personal Attributes
  1. Has the interpersonal and management skills to successfully motivate and direct athletes where relevant.
  2. Works effectively with people and shows respect and sensitivity to their needs.
  3. Demonstrates a logical approach in weighing up issues and coming to a decision.
  4. Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication skills and able to provide reports when required.
  5. Demonstrates ability to handle crisis situations.
  6. Shows enthusiasm and preparedness to put athlete performance before personal considerations.
  7. Available to attend all pre-competition meetings, training camps and meets if require.
  8. Ability to work on weekends.
  9. Ability to travel overseas.
  10. Has good command of the English language

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