TritonWear Seeks Marketing Manager

Applications due 10/30/20

Job Description:

Date posted: October 13, 2020

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

About Us

At​ ​TritonWear​, we redefine athletes’ limits through our patented devices and AI-based auto-coaching tools showing athletes exactly what they need to do to improve. Using swimming as our $16B beachhead into the market, our products are being used by thousands of athletes globally in over 60 countries ranging from grassroots beginners up to Olympic Gold Medalists – including​ ​30+ National Olympic Federations​ heading into the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

TritonWear is backed by top-tier Canadian VC firms and has experienced strong growth including being recognized as one of the CIX Top 20 Companies in Canada. TritonWear recently launched its second-generation product, Triton 2, with a greatly improved offering allowing not only for deeper penetration in current verticals but also opening new verticals. Our passionate and highly experienced team of former competitive athletes and product experts is based in Toronto, ON.

About you

You are an experienced Content Marketer with a love for crafting stories audiences want to consume. You excel at identifying and creating content for every stage of the customer journey, and analyzing content performance along that path to increase conversion.

You enjoy finding creative ways to turn complex topics into fun and engaging blog posts, pillar pages, infographics, e-books, and video. You thoroughly enjoy competitive swimming and have extensive knowledge of the intricacies of training and competing in the sport.

You are driven and passionate about start-up growth, and know you can help deliver high performing content that will help the sales team hit their targets. You enjoy managing social media, from strategy through content creation and ultimately community engagement.

About the Role

As TritonWear’s Content Marketing Manager you will be building the first-ever content library designed to educate an old-school industry on what they could achieve by embracing our technology. You will be instrumental in crafting the right stories to bridge the gap between consumer audiences and paying customers, and in helping them understand the true value of TritonWear. Your primary responsibility will be to develop highly technical, yet consumable content related to competitive swimming. You will also manage how this content is delivered to customers in terms of social media management, web placement, and engaging with the email and digital marketing teams to deliver high performing campaigns.

We are looking for candidates who possess the ability to think both creatively and analytically. The right candidate needs to be able to produce and publish content, including writing, editing, and proof-reading, as well as transforming their written content into visual tools such as infographics and e-book which can be used in mid-funnel conversion campaigns. TritonWear’s Content Marketing Manager will also be responsible for managing our CMS, among other tasks.

Finally, a knowledge of video content marketing, including developing strategies, storyboards, and scripts, to managing video production and editing will be a key to success in this role. Video topics will focus on how-to content for customer success use in onboarding and help articles, to assist our customers in using our products, and engaging promotional videos for use in marketing campaigns.


  • ●  Manage content across all platforms, including paid partners and social media
  • ●  Execute content strategies across all content types and channels
  • ●  Produce high converting content that performs well on it’s intended platform
  • ●  Implementing SEO best practices in all digital content
  • ●  Repurpose existing content for alternative channels
  • ●  Continually update existing content to keep it fresh and improve performance
  • ●  Designing and implementing creative marketing strategies to disseminate content
  • ●  Work with Digital Advertising and Communications teams to drive traffic andengagement that translates to sales and brand promotion
  • ●  Measuring content performance to inform future production and campaigns


  • ●  5+ years of experience building converting content – writing, editing, and publishing
  • ●  Extensive knowledge of competitive swimming – mechanics, seasonal planning, etc.
  • ●  Data-driven and highly analytical with proficiency in content and social media analytics.
  • ●  Demonstrated ability to research, develop, edit and publish high converting content
  • ●  Demonstrated ability to successfully grow and engage organic social media audiences
  • ●  Strong proficiency in SEO best practices and measuring web traffic analytics
  • ●  Creativity and the ability to develop original content
  • ●  Ability to think strategically, and execute efficiently
  • ●  Goal-oriented, with the ability to work under pressure
  • ●  Excellent listening, speaking, and presentation skills
  • ●  Highly organized and able to prioritize tasks effectively
  • ●  Experience with HubSpot, Shopify, and Google suite of tools
  • ●  Proven track record of meeting and exceeding conversion targets & KPIs
  • ●  Degree in Journalism, English, or Content Marketing or equivalent relevant experience

How to Apply

Submit your resumes to [email protected]

Contact Information

Katie Marr