Applications due 04/01/19

Job Description:

Location: Athens, GA, USA

Georgia Camp Coaches will live in the dorms and eat on campus while working camp. The coaches and counselors are responsible for:

  1. Supervision of the campers for the duration of the session.
  2. Coach a minimum of two 2 hour sessions during the day as well as small break out sessions.
  3. Be a great communicator and enjoy working with younger swimmers.
  4. Pass background/safety checks and work withing the framework of UGA policies and principles.
  5. Enjoy people and the fun and craziness that is camp.

How to Apply

Apply by sending Email with resume/references to:

Jerry Champer

Georgia Swim Camp Director

[email protected]


Contact Information

jerry champer

RAmsey Center Suite 135

phone: 7062545828
fax: 706-542-2526