Aquatics Coordinator

Applications due 10/28/17

Job Description:

St. Charles YMCA


In accordance with the Christian principles of the YMCA, the incumbent will provide leadership to the Aquatics Program and staff members. He/she will exemplify the “Y” values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith in all aspects of the position. He/she will follow all guidelines as established in the YMCA Aquatic Program Model.


1. Effectively communicate with staff, volunteers, and patrons.

2. Maintain professional, respectful, positive attitude toward all members and co-workers.

3. Hire, supervise, train and evaluate performance of aquatic staff.

4. Demonstrate good organizational, planning and sound judgment skills.

5. Ensure aquatic safety for staff, members and guests


1. Develop and conduct in-services once a month and drills at least twice a month.

2. Monitor activities in the pool and adjacent areas to strive to prevent injuries, accidents and life threatening situations; maintain order.

3. Monitor all staff certification expiration dates.

4. Inspect facility for cleanliness; assist with daily pool, locker room, and deck cleaning.

5. Test water purity and monitor chemical balance; add chemicals as needed. Ensure water is tested every two hours, monitor chemical balance, and take appropriate actions if chemicals are out of order.

6. Inspect facility to determine problems and correct them prior to opening.

7. Ensure all policies and safety requirements are followed.

8. Complete Aquatic Quick Check and Deck Supervisor Report every work shift.

9. Build small communities among staff members.

10. Provide encouragement and feedback for aquatic staff to improve performance.

11. Ensure all guards receive meal and break periods per aquatic policy.

12. Serve as liaison to service center by providing aquatic department program information.

13. Report problems, complaints, or concerns of participants to the aquatic director in a timely fashion.

14. Assist Aquatic Director in special Aquatic programs & coordinating special group usage.

15. Evaluate and update all skills during in-services.

16. Develop and enforce pool usage schedules for programming, lap and recreation swim.

17. Direct the patrolling of the pool and the enforcement of safety rules & regulations

18. Maintain accurate records for the aquatic department including enrollment, retention and safety inspections, chemical checks and incident/accidents.

19. Complete evaluations on aquatic staff (lifeguards) and discuss with aquatic leadership.

20. Aid in member retention by being knowledgeable, caring, and friendly to all members.

21. Administer swim lesson program if applicable.

22. Create new activities and programs within the YMCA of USA aquatic programs if applicable.

23. Assist with marketing and public relations efforts for the department.

24. All other duties as assigned by supervisor.

How to Apply


Contact Information

Sophia Kelley

326 S 21st Suite 400

phone: 3144361177

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