Italy, Germany Expand Olympic Rosters at 11th Hour

Despite earlier releases to the contrary, both Germany and Italy have expanded their Olympic rosters in the final days seemingly contrary to their own Olympic criteria, but within line of reasonability and presenting the best possible Olympic squad.

The Italians have entered Luca Dotto and Filipo Magnini in the 100 free, though neither met the qualifying criteria in the allotted period. The pair was entered for relay purposes anyway, and both had swum FINA “A” times at Worlds, and now their individual entries gives Italy two additional possible finalists. Dotto finished 7th at last year’s World Championships, whereas Magnini is the 2007 World Champion in the event.

Germany, similarly, has relented to allow Hendrik Feldwehr to occupy the second spot in the men’s 100 breaststroke, despite not even competing at either German Trials or the European Championships, the country’s two self-defined qualifying meets. He advanced to the semi-finals at last year’s World Championships in the 100 with a 1:00.91, but has struggled this season after suffering a groin injury.

With none of his countrymates laying claim to the second spot, however, he was given the opportunity to swim alongsideChristian Vom Lehn. It will be interesting to see if the Germans gamble on a prelims relay spot for Feldwehr; at his best, he’s probably slightly better in this 200, but its hard to imagine he’ll be at his best in London. The Germans are medal contenders in that event, but can’t afford to risk too much in prelims.

Germany has also entered Marco di Carli in the men’s 100 free on the strength of his 2011 season, though he didn’t meet the qualifying standards at the appointed meets either. This could actually work out brilliantly in the Germans’ favor, if it was a planned decision. Di Carli had a great swim at Trials in 2011, but bombed and didn’t make it out of prelims in Shanghai. If he can go a 48-low or 47-high in London, he should at least final.

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Nice to know that some countries are flexible with their criteria in order to send the best team and to give more swimmers the opportunity to experience the Olympics.


Weird, isn’t Marco Koch swimming lights out at the moment? 2.08 at Mare Nostrum, you’d think he’s worth a much better 100 than a recovering-from-injury Feldwehr


I doubt Germany will use Feldwehr to swim 4×100 medley prelims.
Not sure why they’re taking him as he’s not even potential finalist in the individual 100.

Marco di Carli is an interesting story. Busting 48low at 26 while never featured in top 150 list in the years before?


but after that 48 low he never perfomed any time close to that again… it was more like a once in a lifetime swim until he proves everyone the opposite.


He has posted times at Euros this May that were in the 48.5-48.7 range. It’s not impossible. The world 100free field is so deep right now there are probably more than 15 swimmers globally capable of swimming between 47.8 and 48.2 that we could very well see both Magnini and Dotto under 48 at some point at the Games, and take an expected medal if favorites falter. Dotto is an excellent dark horse pick (as is Verschuren) based on his swim at Worlds last year.


I would narrow down your count..
Medal is Sub 48 that is for sure..

and by now I Would pick only 5 guys who could do that..

Magnussen, Roberts, cielo, hayden and Agnel… any other who go sub 48 will surprise me.. these 5 are the “medal favorites” with Hayden probably being the one with less chanche of those 5.


Lobintsev, Izotov, Adrian, Verschuren, Gilot, Dotto, Di Carli, and Moore are all entered and have been 48.2 or better in the past two years, so none of those would be too surprising if they went under 48 with the exception of maybe Di Carli and Moore.

There’s really no point in speculating on the German team’s decision on whether Feldwehr swims the relay. He’s 1:00 mid-low at his best, and a good relay swimmer, and the 100 breast is before the relay. If he swims well and looks like he’s recovered, he gets a chance. if he swims poorly, he doesn’t. He showed a little speed at the Open EDF.


Gilot is too old (28 yo) to suddenly goes PB and goes under 48. Likewise, I doubt Hayden will go under 47.9 as he’s 29 yo and unlikely to break PB in 100 free.
Di Carli was 48.81 at Euros. Not going to suddenly goes sub 48 at 27 yo.
Moore may actually has better chance at cracking 48 as he’s young enough (23).

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