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7-time World Championship gold medalist and 2016 Olympic champion Caeleb Dressel continues to wow us. After the 2018 SEC Championships, see his yards record times so far:

  • 50 yard free – 18.20
  • 100 yard free – 40.00
  • 100 yard butterfly – 43.58
  • 100 yard breaststroke – 50.03
  • 200 yard IM – 1:38.13


ONE: Is Dressel the greatest yards swimmer of all-time?  I think so. I can’t think of anyone else as fast across a wide range of strokes. You could make the case that Pablo Morales is the man with his 11 NCAA Championship wins, but he didn’t crush it across so many strokes.  Caeleb’s got fly, free and breast locked up, with 200 IM as the bonus record stunner.

TWO: Is Dressel facing off with Joe Schooling in the 100 fly at NCAAs or will he swim 100 breast?  I could see Dressel swimming 100 breaststroke, but I think he’s swimming 100 fly after his 49.8 100m fly last summer.  100 breast at NCAAs appears to be an easier win, but I don’t think Coach Troy (or Dressel) cares about that.

THREE: Does Dressel dip under 40 flat in the 100 free? 

FOUR: Is a 17.99 50 free more impressive than 39.99 100 free? 

FIVE: What swimwear brand lands this guy?  He turns pro after NCAAs…. I have no clue, but it’s going to be interesting to see. What do you think?

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Male yes. Overall gotta be 2nd to caulkins. BUT if NCAA didn’t have a 3 event limit, he could’ve been number 1

I honestly think he could break the 200 free, 200 fly, and even the 200 breast records on top of the 5 he has.

Tammy Touchpad Error

Yes for the first 2. 1:30 and 1:37 are soft. Still not sold on a 1:47 2 breast. That’s no joke. Licon was out 51.7!!! CD wouldn’t be able to do it on a one off swim, I think he’d at least need a few tries for that one.

1:37 is by no means soft. As of now, Dressel has showed he can close a 100 fly fast, but that doesn’t neccessarily translate to a good 200 fly. Not saying he couldn’t do it, but he hasn’t really experimented with the 200 fly. 200 free, on the other hand, I think he could get. Someone who goes 40.0 in a 100 free (and maybe a 39 by NCAAs) should be able to go out 42-43 without too much trouble. When you consider Haas has a best 100 free time of 41.9 and can go out in a 43 without dying, Dressel going out 42 mid and backing it up with a 46 high to 47 low doesn’t seem too… Read more »

200 free, easy (although let’s see where that record is in a month). 200 fly — not as soft as you seem to think. I don’t think he could although he’d have an outside chance. 200 breast? No way; I don’t think he could break 1:50.

Definitely will sign with Speedo. Arena as my second choice.

Caeleb Dressel Will Get 8 golds in Tokyo

Heck yea

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