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7-time World Championship gold medalist and 2016 Olympic champion Caeleb Dressel continues to wow us. After the 2018 SEC Championships, see his yards record times so far:

  • 50 yard free – 18.20
  • 100 yard free – 40.00
  • 100 yard butterfly – 43.58
  • 100 yard breaststroke – 50.03
  • 200 yard IM – 1:38.13


ONE: Is Dressel the greatest yards swimmer of all-time?  I think so. I can’t think of anyone else as fast across a wide range of strokes. You could make the case that Pablo Morales is the man with his 11 NCAA Championship wins, but he didn’t crush it across so many strokes.  Caeleb’s got fly, free and breast locked up, with 200 IM as the bonus record stunner.

TWO: Is Dressel facing off with Joe Schooling in the 100 fly at NCAAs or will he swim 100 breast?  I could see Dressel swimming 100 breaststroke, but I think he’s swimming 100 fly after his 49.8 100m fly last summer.  100 breast at NCAAs appears to be an easier win, but I don’t think Coach Troy (or Dressel) cares about that.

THREE: Does Dressel dip under 40 flat in the 100 free? 

FOUR: Is a 17.99 50 free more impressive than 39.99 100 free? 

FIVE: What swimwear brand lands this guy?  He turns pro after NCAAs…. I have no clue, but it’s going to be interesting to see. What do you think?

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He’s going to sign with Mizuno

Tea rex

Is there a swimsuit brand that doesn’t have strings for him to leave untucked?


He will dip under 40.00 in the 100 yard free …like a 39.89 and he will be facing Joseph S. in the 100 fly for the win .

Bill Adelberger

Will he swim the 800 free relay, perhaps as lead-off, and be the first man to swim under 1:30? Would make sense given his ability to perform in a longer (duration) event, the 2IM, and his dominance in freestyle. If so he’d achieve (or be near to achieving) significant milestones: sub 18 50FR, sub 40 1FR, sub 1:30 2Fr, sub 50 1Br, sub 44 1Fl, sub 1:40 2IM.

In the same vein, if he can go 1:38 in the 2IM he can also set records in 2BR and 2FL.

Would be interesting to see him swim internationally in 25m format.

phelps swims 200 breast rio

He would crush the 200. Plus an easy 300 warm down and he would be under the AR for the 500.


If he’s on the 800 FR, that takes him off one of the others. It’s a matter of what splits potentially replace whatever leg he splits in the other relays. There is also the consideration of whether the 800 FR has as much potential upside with him on that relay as taking him off another relay.


Granted it was on Day 2 back then, I always think back to Natalie Coughlin’s senior year when she was put on the 800 free relay for the first time, led off in an NCAA record (SCM), and then was upset on Day 3 in the 200 back. This might not be the meet to play with the schedule too much.


I’d still be careful extrapolating the 2 IM to 2 BR and 2 FL. He’s a different kind of animal so I would never say he couldn’t do those events eventually, but they require an entirely different amount of stroke training and focus to build up the muscular endurance to be competitive in them. Being solid in the stroke 100s and having a good 200 IM is pretty common. His sprint training mixed with his range allow him to swim 50/100/200 free (everyone swims a lot of free in practice regardless of event), all stroke 100s and 200 IM. I still doubt he’d be setting records in the 200 strokes at this point. I think it would take more of… Read more »


Can you imagine the other swimmers in that race walking in with Dressel and schooling. The defending World and Olympic champions. The two fastest ever in SCY. And the two (real) fastest ever in LCM


i imagine it must be hard to step on the blocks with those 2 scy monsters in a NCAA final . I would not feel so well indeed

Justin Thompson

I think Joe is in trouble this year. There are a couple who could take him out in the 200 and maybe the 100 as well.

Daniel Jablonski

I think Dressel will swim 100 fly just to screw with Schooling again.


You think or you hope? (I certainly hope)


Hope for sure


Done Deal

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