IOC Sets Up Disciplinary Commission for Lochte & Co.

An International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokesperson told Reuters news service that the IOC was setting up a disciplinary commission for Ryan Lochte and three other U.S. swimmers involved in a lie about an armed robbery.

The Reuters report says that the IOC commission will investigate the incident and decide if the athletes violated the Olympic charter, which could bring sanctions.

Earlier reports said the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and USA Swimming would suspend Lochte, but that report has been denied by officials from both organizations.

Lochte was with Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz early in the morning in Rio when the four stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. Brazilian police allege the swimmers caused damage to the bathroom, then were involved in an altercation with security guards, who reportedly drew their guns to get the swimmers to pay for the damages.

Lochte claimed in several interviews afterwards that he and the other three had been robbed at gunpoint, even at one time saying the gun was put to his head.

It appears Lochte is currently the swimmer under the most heat, after statements critical of Lochte that supported the innocence of Bentz and Feigen. Bentz released a statement earlier today, claiming that he never lied about the incident and that Lochte was the one who both pulled down a metal advertisement on a wall and yelled at the security guards.

And now, per the Washington Post, a Rio Police officer says Feigen told police he initially lied to protect Lochte. A few excerpts from that story:

Carregosa interviewed Feigen on Thursday night. The swimmer said he had initially lied to protect Ryan Lochte.

“He was very frightened,” Carregosa said. “He said he was very drunk and did not understand things properly. When he realized the day after [what had happened], he looked at the TV and he saw Ryan explaining on the TV.”

“He said he wanted to protect Ryan. He was scared of the repercussion,” Carregosa said. “He regretted everything that had happened.”

Carregosa described Lochte as the irresponsible ringleader of what police have described as acts of vandalism. At 32, Lochte was much older than the other three swimmers, who looked up to him, the officer said.

“For these three swimmers, Ryan is a reference, an icon,” he said. “If Ryan says jump of the bridge, they are going to jump. For a lack of maturity and his influence. They are very young.”

He said Feigen’s original testimony was much closer to the version of events that have now emerged, whereas Lochte’s was invented. “His version was pure fantasy,” Carregosa said.

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Im confused


The four of them stopped at a gas station to pee. Bathroom was unavailable, they peed on the back of the building. Lochte damaged an exterior sign, security officers wanted to detain them as a result. They didn’t comply at first, guns were drawn to keep them at the station. Lochte became belligerent with the security officers. A gas station patron acted as a translator, explained the situation, Gunnar and Jimmy forked over about $50 in US cash and Brazilian reals. They left. Lochte concocted a story about a robbery and having a gun put to his head, originally to his mother, then repeated it to NBC and other news outlets. Feigen originally corroborated Lochte’s story to protect him (dumb).… Read more »



David Berkoff





very good summary


No, the story is far simpler. Ryan Lochte Lied to an official Police inquiry, breaking the laws of the land. His teammates have confirmed this.. Feigan also lied to them to protect Lochte, but has subsequently admitted this and paid a fine. Lochte still needs to face justice.

Attila the Hunt

I agree, this reduces it to only the legal matters.

However, there were far greater intangible effects from Lochte’s lies on the psyche of Brazilians. There are already numerous REAL problems associated with the Olympics specifically and with city of Rio and Brazil in general.

It’s like the boy who cried wolf.

Attila the Hunt

I missed a sentence:
“By lying, Lochte trivialized the many serious, real problems that the people of Rio face on daily basis”


Quite right. I’m just tired of fanboys missing the only legal points that matter. As for the broader issues, Brazil spent approx $5-10bn on hosting the games, expecting a tourism legacy of some sort. After all of their hard work and generosity, they ended up with Lochte trashing Brazil and Rio in the Global media, which apart from being false (and illegal), was just plain bad manners. No wonder the Brazilians are unhappy, and it should come as no surprise that they want Lochte to face Justice.

Attila the Hunt

Totally agree.
Lying aside, the insensitivity displayed is staggering.


You guys are oblivious. Lochte-Gate was the greatest gift to Brazil that security officials could possibly have dreamed of. For a week people have been bashing Ryan Lochte (deservedly) while ignoring the corruption and security failures that previously dominated Olympic PR, not to mention the misery they’ve caused the people who actually live in Rio. This incident let all those responsible, off the hook. Attila et al are all too happy to play along.


I would argue the details matter. So would the police, courts, etc.


The only details that matter are the ones that Lochte gave to the police being different to the other details given by all three Amercian witnesses/ teammates. They all said that Ryan lied. He is being indicted for lying to a police officer during an investigation, NOT breaking a door. The evidence against him comes from three stand up American athletes. Those are the only details that matter.


To you.


Except that the bathroom door WAS smashed in, and the bathroom was trashed


Gunnar bentz said there was no bathroom. How can you be so sure?


What exactly is damaged here? The soap dispenser appears to be intact, and the door is still on its hinges. Just sayin

Attila the Hunt

The photo was not taken right after the incident.
It was taken a few days after the event, so I assume it was already repaired.

Just sayin

Keep on defending Lochte.


wrong bathroom, there was a new crew that went to the station, the bathroom had a bright shiny metal door. not painted white. and every swimmers account so far has said they took a piss in the bushes or on the building behind it. only thing I’ve heard vandalized that can actually be confirmed so far is the poster


*rolls eyes*


This was a shakedown of 4 drunk idiots. And Lochte revealed his true character when he embellished the story. Reading the other crackdowns Brazilian authorities are now carrying out on other foreigners, the IOC has to be hating awarding this Olympics to Brazil. The Japanese are so going to rock the next one, unless this totally unravels the movement.

Attila the Hunt

Then it seems Gunnar Bentz either lied or he doesn’t have full recollection of what happened.


well done Yada – great Job !!! from now on , your should be named YODA the Wise one .


Thanks dude


A couple key disputed facts. Based on my view of the video and Feigen’s statement guns were drawn immediately before they got out of the cab by off duty prison guards which may or may not have been working security at the gas station (that part is not clear to me yet). The gun drawn early is key in the order of events. Second, by legal experts there in Brazil (certainly would make sense here but we are talking about another country) it can be considered a robbery when someone demands cash from another person at gun point. While it is certainly true that Lochte fabricated parts of the story at least in the press (we don’t know what he… Read more »

Hyperbole, not lie.

Ryan exaggerated the story, but he mainly told the truth. He is not a dick.

1) They were pointed with guns (that’s very violent).
2) They had to give money to leave (limitation of freedom, very violent), instead of talking in peace.

Well, he didn’t said he broke a picture of the place, but peeing in bushes is NOT that terrible either.

Brazilian authorities are making everything to blame them, and are hiding the whole video to look like innocents. I think they own an apology to them.

Ryan made an hyperbole, but the main idea of what he said it’s true. If he acted bad, the people of the gasoline acted even worse.


Ryan should have just made a truth.


He is a dick anyway for not being sober enough & being ridiculously immature . Period !!! One who can’t handle alcohol properly with the enough amount of awareness – specially in another country ( AND he has a great friend who went through some very unpleasant problems due to the too often intake of alcohol – but that doesn’t seem to have shown anything as a mirror to Lochte or a lesson ) should know better .His Big Ego got the lesson he was looking ( unconsciously of course ) for . He will have to pay the right price …he has enough cash for that .


Time to retire seems appropriate as well – quicker than even imagined . Thats a smart option to come


The overeaction to this minor incident is mind-boggling. Ryan should just retire and avoid any excessive USOC censure. His tepid half-apology is already good enough, although accepting full responsibility might help the other three guys if swimming sanctions are imminent. He should make Jimmy whole and ignore any additional fines. No more interviews or public statements are required. I can’t help but think he is more aggravated by the situation than contritious and frankly I can’t blame him at this point.

Brute Bradford

Sounds like Lochte was guilty of acting like a 14 year old brat and inflated things to pull his bacon out of a fire. HOWEVER, the bit about a vandalized bathroom was a lie from the Rio police, and what transpired afterward is still a robbery (look up the legal definition and you’ll see). At the end of the day, Lochte was the victim of a crime, but we expect more from US swimmers. In future Olympics, a strict no alcohol conduct needs to be in place.


Dude, they weren’t robbed. Come on. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they just weren’t. The security guys let them go after paying FAR less than they would have had to otherwise, and the police wouldn’t even have gotten involved at all if not for Lochte’s lie. Hell, in their position I would have happily handed over 50 bucks, called it a win and never spoken of it ever again.
And just because one, pretty well-known, dummy got drunk and belligerent doesn’t mean that other athletes of legal age should be penalized from drinking in future Games. Once the swimming is over of course.


^ this

Brute Bradford

They may have committed the misdemeanor of vandalism and public drunkenness/urination. But they were subjected to robbery. Police could have issued notices to appear in court or arrested them. That didn’t happen. Here is the definition of robbery:


Yes, I think most if not everyone is aware of the definition of robbery, and you’re not, totally, wrong.
But look at is this way.
Say you did something dumb and criminal, even if its minor. Would you rather (a) pay a small amount of money to the people whose property you damaged and have that be that, or (b) get police and courts involved, be arrested, post bail, hire lawyers, pay court fees and then eventually a fine, do community service, or whatever else?
By the absolute technical definition, ignoring all context, you have a point. But all other things considered, they could have gotten of really, really easy had everyone just stayed quiet.

Brute Bradford

True. No argument.


they weren’t subjected to anything. they could have waited for the cops to come and deal with those consequences for the misdemeanors of public drunkiness/urination and vandalism.

they opted not to. that was their choice. and as the scooby doo villains like to say- and they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that danged Lochte running his mouth!

H2O Bruin

Why are you so silly? I didn’t know victims of crimes usually offer an apology for a crime committed against them? LOL. Hilarious, your twisted logic. Are you related to Baghdad Bob?


well, at first the apologies were offered so they could get outta brazil… now, i’m sure it’s something along the lines of ‘usa swimming or usoc is making them say this for PR reasons’.

victor p will step up to the plate on this one.

Attila the Hunt

What victims of crimes?

What crimes that have happened?

You are exactly like Lochte; saying things that don’t exist.

The only crimes that have happened was Lochte vandalizing property. And his lies. And falsifying statement to the police.

Attila the Hunt

That must have been the most ridiculous robbery in the history of everything.

The robbery only happened inside Lochte’s vacuous head.


They had the option to wait for police or pony up some cash. They made a choice to pay. It is not robbery. Whether or not the amount is exactly what it would cost to wash the wall and repair/replace a poster is irrelevant. They chose to pay extra specifically to avoid ending up on a police report and attracting negative press for the U.S. Lochte and his mom may have blown it for the rest of them, but it was their choice, regardless. They could have chosen not to pay, so how exactly is that robbery?


So if I point a gun at you and say “pay for what you did”, you’re saying you would sit there and think about your options? I think you’d be scared and would pay up. I don’t think you would think oh I’ll just wait for the cops

Attila the Hunt

That’s not what happened in the details. Read up below on the account of a Brazilian named Andre.


That is not what happened. If I did something wrong, and you pointed a gun at me and said “either pay now or wait for the cops,” and I was a high profile athlete about to potentially embarrass my country and name, I would sit there and think about my options, yes. Because the athletes were given that option, and it was more than fair. They chose to pay instead of having their name on a police report.

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