Hungary May Hop On Board the 2024 Olympic Bidding Train

After having signed the official host city agreement with FINA earlier this week for the 2017 FINA World Championships, Budapest is looking at even bigger potential hosting opportunities for the future.

According to The Bellingham Herald, the Hungarian government is prepared to support a Budapest 2024 Olympic bid.  Boston, Hamburg, Rome and Paris have all expressed intentions to meet the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) September 15th deadline for applications and now Hungary’s national Olympic body will be meeting next month to decide if they will join that list.

Citing IOC President Thomas Bach’s Agenda 2020 plan, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, says the age when “only mega-cities” could bid on Olympics are now over, which provides a “good chance for Hungary and Budapest.”  (Herald)

Budapest unsuccessfully bid for the Olympics in the past, with 1960 representing the most recent attempt. Additionally, the city and country earned some points in the goodwill department by stepping in for Guadalajara when the Mexican city backed out of hosting the 2017 FINA Worlds.  FINA President Julio Maglione called Budapest’s move “an example for sport and the world.”

The IOC will ultimately select the 2024 Olympic Games host in 2017.

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Gina Rhinestone
5 years ago

For those interested , Hungary has been doing some major political plays this year. Against the French , Germans & Americans , I think their chances of African , Eurasian & South American votes look very good.

5 years ago

Budapest would be an amazing place for the Olympics, however I would worry about them financially

5 years ago

Hungary would be an amazing venue for the Games. Politically, of course they have rubbed some countries wrong while satisfying others (Worlds in Russia!!!). Such political lines are unavoidable. No bridges burned, however, and if Rio can navigate economic challenge, who can’t? GO HUNGARY>

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