How Swimming Lessons Made Family Vacations That Much Better

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February 28th, 2018 Learn to Swim

My son started swimming lessons when he was 6 months old. I remember being extremely excited about enrolling him in his first “activity,” but that all faded when he had no reaction to his swim class at all. He didn’t cry, but he definitely didn’t smile. He was unsure about the whole situation! His eyes were huge and he looked shocked during the whole first class. Like he wanted to say, “Mom, where are we and why is it so loud in here!” It took him a while to really enjoy swim lessons. He was a very quiet, calm, and shy baby.

Needless to say, he is still the same way and he takes a while to warm up to any new situation! I am extremely grateful that I didn’t give up on swim lessons. Eventually, he started smiling and really enjoying the water! Swim lessons became a weekly routine in our family and he started swimming on his own with his face in the water when he was 3-year-olds!

My daughter started swimming lessons when she was 16 months. We tried the parent/child class but she kept pushing me off of her because she wanted to swim on her own. Talk about a completely different child than my son! She was my little spunky, wild, social go-getter. I couldn’t handle parent/child classes with her so I put her in a class with my son which was for 2-year-olds without any parent. Boy, was she ready for that! I did have to sit next to her for her safety when the teacher was out with another student, but she really excelled in that class. She started swimming on her own when she was 2 and she even dived down to retrieve rings in 3 feet 5 inches of water! She was a little fish from the moment I put her in swim class!



FRANCHISE OVERVIEW:  A swim school with over 20 years of proven success focusing on the learn to swim market, Swimtastic uses family focused teaching methods to help infants, children and adults learn to swim.  Swimtastic is the first swim school franchise brand in the US.

MISSION: Susan Wainscott, Swimtastic Swim School’s Founder and CEO, brings to you an extensive background in human resources, office management and teaching swimming, along with experience as a mom and a B.S. in Education. Her love of children and the water has led her to own and operate two schools in the Waukesha and Fox Citiesareas. Susan and her husband, Barrett, have partnered with SafeSplash Swim Schools, where the Swimtastic and SafeSplash brands can help lead others in franchising.

Swimtastic is a part of the Streamline Brands Family

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