Heart Problem Being Cited as Reason for Sun Withdrawal From 1500 Final

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang‘s withdrawal from the final of the men’s 1500 free on Sunday is being credited due to a heart condition, FINA has told the media.

The world’s governing body for swimming has scheduled a press conference for the conclusion of the session, where they are expected to elaborate, but several news outlets, including The Australian’s Nicole Jeffrey, say that Sun experienced problems with his heart during warmups for finals, and that because there was not enough time for a full medical evaluation, he withdrew from the final.

Sun’s heart condition has been reported before. The medicine that he was suspended for taking in 2014 is used to treat heart conditions, which the federation says was its purpose (rather than for performance enhancement).

Sun is the World Record holder in the event and was the 3rd seed coming into the event final. He was also the two-time defending World Champion, and was the 2012 Olympic Champion, in the event as well.

In his absence, Gregorio Paltrinieri broke the Italian Record to win gold in 14:39.67. He was four seconds faster than Sun in the preliminaries.

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5 years ago

PEDs can cause heart problems….

Hulk Swim
Reply to  Hmmm....
5 years ago


Look, let’s for a second put all the anger and not so subtle sterotyping aside for a second, as well as the incident from the morning.

He got busted for taking a banned substance that is a heart medication… he claims it’s for his heart problem. So he’s back now and presumably not taking that same banned substance, and he misses a race for what his federation says is heart problems… and……. everyone is saying it’s indicitive PEDs???


Let’s assume he does have heart issues. Let’s assume he isn’t taking that banned substance as its banned. Now he’s having heart issues. The simplest answer here is that he hasn’t found suitable meds to replaced the banned ones, and… Read more »

Reply to  Hulk Swim
5 years ago

And he had taken the medicine since 2007 long before the substance was banned. Somebody do like to tell one side of a story. Like Joel Lin on every post of Sun. Really doubt if he’s really aLin??

Reply to  Hulk Swim
5 years ago

Hulk is right. The Chinese have always been honest and forthcoming. Not even an iota of suspicion

Hulk Swim
Reply to  Jman
5 years ago

JMan falls into the ‘smaller few’ category.

I guess ANY Chinese swimmer is suspected of PED abuse because others from China have… so ANY country with PED abuses should be suspect. Follow that logic and we are all a bunch of ThomasLurzFans.

Reply to  Hulk Swim
5 years ago

Fool Hulk once, shame on Sun Yang. Fool Hulk twice, shame on Hulk.

5 years ago

I never knew he had heart problems
Poor guy

5 years ago

I hope he gets well soon.

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