Grimm Pops 20.73 In 50 FL, Levenia Sim Makes Girls 11-12 Top Five


Showing off an impeccable sprint versatility is 16-year-old Anthony Grimm of the Mason Makos. On day 3 of the NCSA Spring Junior National meet, Grimm went 2-for-2 victories in the 50 breast and the 50 fly.

In the 50 breast, Grimm outshined top-breaststroke college recruits Joshua Matheny and William Myhre for the second time with a 24.14. Later in the meet, Grimm whipped out a 20.73 in the 50 fly. Throughout the entire race, Grimm took less than 10 strokes, taking 4 off the start and 5 off the turn. Grimm now has wins in the 50 breast, 100 breast (52.51), and 50 fly this meet.

Just before Grimm swam, 12-year-old Levenia Sim of TNT Swimming quietly swam in the D-final of the 50 fly to make girls 11-12 history. Her time of 24.90 puts her as the 5th-fastest ever 50 fly swam in the 11-12 age group.

Top Five 50 Fly Times- All-Time Girls 11-12

  1. Paige Kern, 2019- 24.11
  2. Claire Curzan, 2017- 24.39
  3. Miriam Sheehan, 2017- 24.72
  4. Ella Eastin, 2010- 24.87
  5. Levenia Sim, 2019/Abby Johnson, 2016- 24.90

This is not Sim’s first history making swim of the NCSA meet. In the 100 IM, Sim swam a 58.49 in the 100 IM, which is #15 for her age group. Coming up at the NCSA, Sim will swim the 50 back and the 100 fly, where she currently sits at #6 in the 50 back (26.10) and #16 in the 100 fly (56.10).

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2 years ago

Torri Huske went 22.96 50 fly on the girls’ side. Wow

Wanna sprite?
2 years ago

Is it just me, or did Grimm kind of come out of no where like I just heard about him yesterday but those times are legit and with relay starts he could probably put up a competitive split on any D1 college relay even right now, let alone in 2-3 years

Reply to  Wanna sprite?
2 years ago

He’s only a 16-yr-old sophomore — and he wasn’t setting 13-14 NAGs, so there wasn’t much reason you would have heard of him, and he’s had massive time drops:

Current (sophomore) — 19.6 50, 20.8 50 Bk; 46.6 Bk (but stay tuned for 45 this week); 52.5 Br
Freshman year — 21.1 50, 47.9 Bk, 56.3 Br
8th Grade year — 22.1 50, 52.1 Bk, 1:00.0 Br

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  Wanna sprite?
2 years ago

The funny part of this post is that with a relay start he could basically swim fly on any NCAA relay and it’s probable that he never swims fly on any NCAA relay 🙂

Reply to  Wanna sprite?
2 years ago

He’s been a hot name in PV Swimming for a while. He’s been destroying NVSL (primary summer league in Northern Va) since he was 8. I don’t think anyone expected him to get this quick this fast though.

A$AP Pocky
2 years ago

man’s not hot skrrap

bobo gigi
2 years ago

Both Grimm and Huske have huge underwaters. Huske has already proved she was very good in long course too. Hopefully Grimm can show us the same next summer because his versatility is amazing.

2 years ago

Why is the all time top ranked 11-12 girl in 50 fly not in SWIMS? The listing in the article says she went 24.11 in 2019. Not listed in NAG records either.

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