Fumbles Only Belong in Football

Fumbling to adjust a starting block wedge to the right position, or to remove it completely for a relay exchange is the last thing a swimmer wants to worry about right before their race.

“When designing a new starting block, part of our process at S.R. Smith includes envisioning ourselves as the swimmer on deck, getting ready for a big race,” says Dan Jorgensen, S.R. Smith V.P. of Sales and two-time Olympic swimming medalist.

Dan Jorgensen, two-time Olympian, S.R. Smith V.P. of Sales

“Staying calm and focused, being sure your goggles are on tight and preparing for a perfect start are the main things on your mind,” says Jorgensen. “You really don’t want to be messing around with a starting block. The track start wedge is a great improvement to the sport of swimming, that wasn’t a FINA approved feature during the two Olympics I competed in.

“The technology is relatively new, and manufacturers are learning what works and doesn’t work for swimmers. What we have done with the Velocity starting block, is to make its function as easy as possible for swimmers. The wedge is easily adjusted to any of five positions, and if needed can easily tuck under the footboard. This means the 2nd, 3rd and 4th relay members don’t have to worry about tripping over a track start wedge and can do the wind-up, step-forward exchanges they are accustomed to.

“There are also advantages during novice swim meets, where newer or younger swimmers may want to just tuck it away altogether. We are finding coaches and swimmers are especially attracted to the flexibility and functionality of our Velocity Track Wedge,” adds Jorgensen.

See an S.R.Smith Track Start Wedge in action below:

Twenty Velocity Starting Blocks were included in the 2017 renovation of the Long Center in Clearwater, FL.

About S.R.Smith

S.R.Smith is the worldwide leader of residential and commercial pool deck equipment.  Founded in 1932, S.R.Smith is headquartered in Canby, Oregon with additional manufacturing in Portland, Tennessee and Queensland, Australia.  S.R.Smith products are featured on some of the finest pools around the world.  For more information, visit srsmith.com.

Swim industry news release courtesy of S.R.Smith, a SwimSwam Partner.

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