French swimmer William Meynard arrested for narcotics, bribery in Rio

French sprinter William Meynard, a 2011 World Champs bronze medalist, was arrested on Sunday morning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Meynard, 26, was caught in the World Cup host city with a cigarette and two bars of cannabis, according to Brazil’s SporTV. SporTV also reports that Meynard tried to offer the Brazilian officers money to let him go.

Meynard himself is a police officer in France, and trains with Team France Police, according to this personality profile in the French publication La Voix Du Nord from last September. SporTV’s sister channel Extra reports that Meynard told the Brazilian cops that in France he would have been asked for money to get out a similar arrest situation.

He was ultimately arrested for both possession of narcotics and bribery.

The freestyler won a bronze medal at the Shanghai World Champs in 2011, going 48.00, but hasn’t been able to repeat that kind of success on the international stage since. He took a break from the pool this year, SporTV notes, and he returned for French nationals only to miss the top 15 in the 50 free, the only event he swam.

Already seeming to slide quite a bit time-wise from his great 2011 season, Meynard now looks like he’ll have an even steeper climb to jump back onto the French relays for international competition.

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Edit the the heading to


It’s 2014. Every Olympic swimmer I’ve met smokes weed. Get over it.


Hmm would be interesting to see a poll of Olympic swimmers vs. Olympic medalists vs. Olympic Trials qualifiers vs. Trials finalists to see how much of a performance hinderer or enhancer weed is overall.

liquidassets – would be nearly impossible to run that study. Would need such a huge number of athletes to participate…would never happen. Probably aren’t enough even if everyone participated, and even then, best you could do is correlational. There’s so many different variables to account for in sports, that a correlations study wouldn’t be very valuable at all.

Anecdotally, I think we can all figure out what the numbers would bare out, however.

Josh Davis

You must not have met very many.


Title should be French Cop Arrested


It’s still illegal whether or not “everybody does it.”


it’s time that alcohol get illegal as well to make the balance even

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