Foster Breaks Legendary Michael Phelps NAG Record

With how fast he was downing the 50 fly National Age Group Records, it was only a matter of time before this one went down.

The Cincinnati Marlins’ Carson Foster has broken the 10 & under National Age Group Record of a man, the man, Michael Phelps. Foster’s 1:07.24 broke the 1:08.54 that Phelps swam in 1996, which were the very first signs of his greatness.

The argument often made about swimmers breaking 10 & under records is that those record breakers, in the past, have often not panned-out as professional and Olympic swimmers. But beginning with Phelps’ 100 fly swim in 1996, that trend changed drastically, and swimmers like Phelps, Ryan Murphy, and Adam Hinshaw started breaking marks – and are still among the most elite for their ages in the country at the elite level.

Foster won the race by over 10 seconds, going out in a 31.42 and coming home in 35.82. This swim was actually faster than any 11-year old has been this summer, with again most top butterfliers making significant drops (6+ seconds) only after turning 12.

This is Foster’s 5th record-breaking swim of the last two weeks. That includes three-times breaking the 50 fly National Age Group Record, and as a part of the 200 medley mark with his teammates.

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OK, I will remember this name. Carson Fpster.


ROFL, is that a typo or sarcasm?


typo. sorry.


I know, just kidding. 🙂


this comment aged well


He’ll most probably leave the sport of swimming and play football
Very few kids, no matter how good they are, stay in the sport on competitive swimming

I Swim

Whelp, you were wrong 😂

Drdov…I was looking at my Zones podium picture the other day from when I was 10…out of the top 8 in the 100 fly..2 guys still swim at the college level (you might know a kid named kyle whitaker)…3 others play D1 football…so much talent in the sport doesn’t make to the college level

Mr. Neptune

Awesome comment. I just went back and did the same thing. Only one made it to the college level. However, a surprising number have given up swimming for stellar careers as college water polo players.


So true Milwaukeeswim. Why do you think that is and as parents what can we do about it?? Is it too much pressure at such a young age?? Or is it because they are not allowed to become athletes first and swimmers 2nd??


Just checked out my top 8 pictures for 11 and 12 100 back… i think all but 1 went to college.. the guy sitting at #1… Mr. Matt Grevers.


this was at J.Os, basically “state” in scy.

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