FINA Presents the Medals; Prize Money for the 2013 World Championships

Last week, FINA presented the medals for the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona. At a meeting in Barcelona at the historic swim club CN Natacio-Barceloneta, three of Spain’s most famous athletes presented the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to the members of the crowd. Xavier Trias, the mayer of Barcelona, was at the presentation and expressed how excited he was that his city is hosting the championships.

“Everything we have seen today forms part of the image of Barcelona. The Championships will be in the limelight and we have to make the most of it. Hosting the major sporting event is important for the city and its citizens.”


The medals were designed by a company called lagranja. Ona Carbonell, Jennifer Pareja and Marc Minguell, three of Spains top athletes, jumped out of the water wearing the medals.

Medals aren’t all that’s at stake, however. There is a prize pool of over $3.1 million to top finishers in all of the FINA disciplines.

FINA will give out $3,100,500 dollars across 6 disciplines, including a whopping $1.56 million in pool swimming alone.

Prize money for the whole meet will be broken down as follows:

 Overall Prize Money        
 Discipline    No. of events    Prize Money per event    Total Prize Money  
 Swimming    40    $39’000    $1’560’000 
 Water Polo    2    $165’000    $330’000  
 Diving    10    $39’000    $390’000  
 Synchronised Swimming    4    $39’000    $156’000  
   3    $105’000    $315’000  
 Open Water    6    $39’000    $234’000  
 High Diving    1    $63’000    $63’000  
   1    $52’500    $52’500  
 Total    $3’100’500     
 + World Record (for each – Swimming only)    $25’000      

With money per placing going out:

   Swimming    OW Swimming    Diving    High Diving (Women)   High Diving (Men)  Synchronised Swimming (Solo and Duet)    Synchronised Swimming (Team and Free Combination)    Water Polo  
 1st Place    $15’000    $15’000    $15’000    $10’000    $10’000    $15’000    $30’000    $60’000  
 2nd Place    $10’000    $10’000    $10’000    $9’000    $9’000    $10’000    $25’000    $40’000  
 3rd Place    $5’000    $5’000    $5’000    $8’000    $8’000    $5’000    $20’000    $30’000  
 4th Place    $4’000    $4’000    $4’000    $7’000    $7’000    $4’000    $15’000    $20’000  
 5th Place    $3’000    $3’000    $3’000    $6’000    $6’000    $3’000    $10’000    $10’000  
 6th Place    $2’000    $2’000    $2’000    $5’000    $5’000    $2’000    $5’000    $5’000  
 7th Place              $4’000  $4’000            
 8th Place              $3’500  $3’500            
 9th Place                  $3’000              
 10th Place                $2’500              
 11th Place                $2’000              
 12th Place                $1’500              
 13th Place                $1’000              
 14th Place                $500              
 Total    $39’000 (Per Event)  $39’000    $39’000    $52’500    $63’000  $39’000    $105’000    $165’000 

The 15th FINA World Championships begin in 14 days.

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Lane Four

I really like the design of the medals. Definitely better than the last time Barcelona had the Worlds in 2003.

Or the Olympics in 1992…

Lane Four

Amen to that!


When swimmers accept prize money, are they giving up their amateur status? Or can all swimmers, regardless of amateur/professional status, accept prize money without worrying about NCAA rules and regulations?

swimmer – it’s somewhere in between. For NCAA rules, a certain amount of prize money is allowable, but it has to be only up until what covers expenses for the meet. I wouldn’t purport to be an expert on how “meet expenses” are defined, though, and for meets like this, there aren’t many.

There are also certain prize moneys that are allowed – like the money Missy Franklin got for her gold medals.

It’s a complex system that can’t really be explained with any brevity, unfortunately…

Steve Nolan

Wait, so Franklin was able to receive money for an Olympic gold, but not for those random Grand Prix meets?

What. the hell.

Steve – yep, but the rule is specific to Amerians:

Title: – Operation Gold Grant.
An individual (prospective student-athlete or student-athlete) may accept funds that are administered by the U.S. Olympic Committee pursuant to its Operation Gold program. (Adopted: 4/26/01)

Steve Nolan

Hooooo boy. That is rich.


Do relay swimmers split the money four ways or is the prize money for individual events only?

cowboy – the documentation we read didn’t specifically state, but implied that the relay money would be split four ways, just as would the water polo money amongst the whole team, for example.


So what about prelim relay swimmers? Would they split the reward too?


would someone in the prelims get a check?


I wonder if it is anything like track. 2013 Indoor Track WC is 1/4 of the prize money goes to total group of six, 1/4 goes to the prelim group and 1/2 goes to the four in final. So if you have 6 runners and two of them run both prelims and finals and they are awarded $12,000 to the relay team: Finals only runners would get $2,000 each. The two that ran both the prelims and the finals would get $2,750 each. Prelim only runners would get $1,250. They found a balance between performance and work. However, if a competition or federation has a pay incentive for breaking a record, then only the final team gets the bonus.

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