FINA President: McLaren Commission ‘Exceeded Its Powers’

In the wake of swimming’s international governing body, FINA, announcing that seven Russian swimmers are not eligible to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, that same organization has reportedly spoken out regarding part of the criteria for 3 of those swimmers’ roster removal.

As reported yesterday, of the 7 Russian swimmers who will no longer be competing in Rio, 4 were withdrawn by the Russian Olympic Committee, and 3 more had been named in the WADA-sanctioned McLaren report, released last week.

As a refresher:

Athletes withdrawn by the ROC:

–    Mikhail Dovgalyuk
–    Yulia Efimova
–    Natalia Lovtcova
–    Anastasia Krapivina (Marathon Swimming)

Athletes appearing in the WADA IP Report:

–    Nikita Lobintsev
–    Vladimir Morozov
–    Daria Ustinova

However, FINA President Julio Maglione reportedly told Sputnik, an international news source, that the Richard McLaren-led WADA independent commission ‘exceeded its power’ in its investigation into widespread doping. The McLaren report confirmed systematic doping within the nation of Russia, spanning multiple sports.

But of the commission who produced the McLaren report, Maglione reportedly stated to Sputnik today, “Its [commission] members exceeded their powers. For me WADA, and sooner or later this needs to be clarified, is an organization with a function to control the doping abuse, approve the relevant rules and not to talk about the situation in a particular country, it must be done by the head of the Olympic Games, that is by the International Olympic Committee,”

Maglione did add that he considers the recent IOC decision as ‘fair.’ That decision entailed the IOC banning all Russian athletes with a record of doping violations from participating in 2016 Rio Olympic Games, while leaving it up to the respective international federations to decide whether individual Russian athletes should be allowed to compete at the Games.

One of the 7 eliminated swimmers, reigning World Champion Yulia Efimova, has already communicated she will be appealing her ineligibility to the Court Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

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5 years ago


Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  FinishFINA
5 years ago

Wish I could vote this one up all day.

Steve Schaffer
5 years ago

So the FINA head tells a Russian controlled news agency that the McLaren report/WADA exceeded its power and suggests that WADA be spoken for only by the IOC and not be independent?

FINA cannot be trusted to protect clean athletes. We need true zero-tolerance penalties for ALL who cheat and a truly independent enforcement agency to freely identify and impose meaningful penalties.

International Federations, National Olympic Committees and the IOC have all proven they are too corrupt to protect clean athletes.

5 years ago

What a corrupt bunch of bureaucrats

5 years ago

They are on another planet- so disconnected from the public/althletes.
Based on this and everything ive heard today all the russian swimmers will compete in the games if they challenge the IOC decision through COA, its a set up.

5 years ago

Nevermind what the report found. Just follow the bank deposit slips to the truth.

Joel Lin
5 years ago

It cannot be an impossibility for the sport of swimming to break off from FINA. The IOC are on their heels and this seems like the ripe moment for the national swimming organizational constituencies in this sport to go to the IOC with a demand for a newly formed IF in this sport. Let FINA go on alone trying to schill Grand Prix meets in Qatar without IOC endorsed credibility.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Joel Lin
5 years ago

Though I agree, who is in bed with whom? What’s to keep any newly formed org from getting corrupted too? I mean really!

5 years ago

They overstepped by doing your job for you. Wake up! Your either part of the solution or your part of the problem FINA. Not a good look.

Ole 99
5 years ago

Couple immediate thoughts…

1. Can members call for a vote of no confidence?

2. When is the next FINA presidential election?

3. Given the inmates apparently running the prison we need responsible nations to stand up and demand change.

Reply to  Ole 99
5 years ago

USA could get the ball rolling by leaving FINA.

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