Federica Pelligrini Career Update in Post-200 Era (Video)

Reported by Lauren Neidigh.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:07.16- Meagen Nay, Santa Clara 2011
  • Pool Record: 2:07.14- Missy Franklin (Colorado Stars), 2011
  1. GOLD: Taylor Ruck, 2:06.36
  2. SILVER: Federica Pellegrini, 2:11.28
  3. BRONZE: Jade Hannah, 2:11.49

Candian junior standout Taylor Ruck knocked half a second off her best time to dominate this race in 2:06.36. Ruck flipped in 1:01.67 for the early lead, pulling further ahead as she moved through the race and took down Missy Franklin’s Pool record. That would have been a new Junior World Record for Ruck, knocking 4 tenths off the former mark set by Australia’s Kaylee McKeown, but won’t count as such since she turns 18 before the end of 2018. Italian star Federica Pellegrini used her closing speed to out-touch Jade Hannah for the silver. SwimMAC’s Sinclair Larsonswam to 4th, clipping 2 tenths off her best in 2:12.60.

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The 200 free LC is a very taxing race, a unique combination of speed and stamina, and being the best in the world at it for 2 olympic cycles is much more difficult than it is for other events. Thorpe got very close in 2000 and 2004 (silver and gold) and so did VDH (viceversa), i.e. two of the finest freestylers that ever graced the pools. Federica is unique in her having been elite in the event for so many years, battling against younger contenders – but the double Olympic gold eluded even her. All in all, I believe she deserves to go down as the best 200 free specialist of her age.

LUIGI, do you know when Federica Pellegrini began to race wearing high-tech suit? Has she already used it winning her gold Olympic race 1:54.82 ? Also what are your criteria to define best 200 free specialist? Is it a longevity of being in major finals? I have some doubts that she’s swum ever faster than Allison Schmitt. She has 6 entries in 25 best performances list and 4 of them were done in high-tech suit. Katie Ledecky has 7 and Sarah Sjostrom has 6. What makes you to think that she is superior of them. Maybe it is the number of high rewards? She is also not dominant with that and in this case we have to mention the number… Read more »
It’s very simple, I don’t factor in time, but races won. Schmitt, Ledecky and Sjostrom have been faster than her in textile, no question about it. But she has been consistently on the podium of internationally relevant races (Olympics and WC) for 13 years. 13 years! It’s an eternity, in middle-long distances. Also, it’s not her fault if, at the peak of her abilities, she was wearing the magic suit: everyone else was doing it. So we’ll never know what time she would have swam in 2008 and 2009 without the supersuits. As to your question, she wore a Jaked suit in both Bejing 2008 and Rome 2009, I believe it was called the J01 but I think the one… Read more »

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