Fairfield University Swimmer Arrested, Charged With Assault

Fairfield University swimmer Kathryn Mahoney has been charged with 3rd degree assault, as well as disorderly conduct, after an alleged physical altercation involving her boyfriend took place this week.

As reported by The Fairfield Citizenan alleged altercation took place on March 1st, after 19-year-old Mahoney allegedly punched her unnamed boyfriend in the face in response to his suggestion the couple break-up. The victim took himself to a local hospital for treatment of his bloody and swollen nose.

‘Mahoney first struck the victim in the stomach and then punched him in the face with a closed fist,’ read the report. Mahoney was held on $1500 bond and was scheduled to be arraigned by the state Superior Court in Bridgeport earlier this week.

Fairfield University is located in Fairfield, Connecticut and competes in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Mahoney is listed on the team’s official roster as a sophomore, though she didn’t swim in any meets in the 2017-2018 season and just 2 dual meets as a freshman in the 2016-2017 season.

Update: a spokesperson from Fairfield University confirmed to SwimSwam on Thusday that Mahoney is a member of the swim team.

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She needs the same exact punishment had the roles been reversed


Steve Nolan

Hm, I bet you have some enlightened thoughts on the Ray Rice case.

What do you mean?

Steve Nolan

A common defense for his actions is that “she started it.”

There’s a video and everything!

While possibly true, you have to look at the force being used. The same thing with Joe Mixon. Although a female have have laid hands first, you need to look at the difference in force. A light shove from a girl does not warrant a KO punch from a professional football player.

In this situation, it does not seem retaliation occurred, and the original punches from the female landed the boyfriend in the hospital.

Steve Nolan


*Mills Lane voice*

I’ll allow it! That was more a nuanced take than expected.

This story really doesn’t belong on here.. but good for you Kathryn..

Coach Mike 1952

Actually, not so good. The implication is the (former, hopefully) boyfriend somehow “deserved” getting punched – right? Bad assumption. Yet I agree the story really doesn’t belong here. She is not an active swimmer. See #TheTruth’s post just below.

Coach Mike 1952

I stand corrected. Story does belong here. Braden posted below: “While I can appreciate the desire of current members of the team to disassociate from Ms. Mahoney, as has been confirmed by the university, she is a member of the swim team. This has been noted above.”

Yea it does. Ya swimmers are not perfect and this can be a warning to other 19 year old swimmers that violence isn’t big an answer and frankly…. swimming isn’t just about podiums, times and competitions.

How are two different people able to use the same posting name?

Mobile device and laptop possibly

My point being I am not the poster above nor do I condone violence. I have asked this question of the Swimswam brass and hope to hear back soon.

Maybe choose a more unique name??

add more to you’re name to make it unique….

Both great suggestions – thank you! It may be the solution.

More to the question of my original post, why are different posters able to use the same handle? What is to stop me from creating an identity under Coach John or Swimmer! and making posts that do not align with your point of view and could be viewed as offensive? As many people on this board know my identity (the handle utilizes the first name given to me by my parents), I think it is important to have separation and ownership of handles.

To clarify, Katie Mahoney is not on the Fairfield University swim team. She swam 2 dual meets last year and quit. She then decided to become the team manager this year. This is no reflection of the fairfield university swimming program.

The Fairfield Women’s team does not associate her as a member of the team.

This is an unfortunate situation that reflects badly towards the Fairfield University Swim program. The person who commutes this was no longer associated with the team during the occurrence.

WAs she not The swim team manager as stated before?

While I can appreciate the desire of current members of the team to disassociate from Ms. Mahoney, as has been confirmed by the university, she is a member of the swim team. This has been noted above.

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