Explanation of Why Fabio Gimondi’s 100 Free Didn’t Count

With a lot of confusion roaming around about why Cal’s Fabio Gimondi won’t get credited with the 42.83 that he swam at the Georgia Tech Last Chance meet, we were contacted by Joel Shinofield, the Executive Director of the College Swimming Coaches Association of America with some more information.

Specifically, Joel sent us a document that is called the “2013 Championship Qualification Meet Criteria” that governs all meets, to the exception of conference championship meets, within 10 days of the application deadline. In other words: Last Chance Meets. It explains why Gimondi’s swim, in his second Last Chance event, wasn’t credited.

Read the document here.

Within is the following clause [items in brackets are our additions]:

Each student-athlete is permitted to qualify in only one championship qualification meet [read: Last Chance Meet]. If a student-athlete participates in more than one championship qualification meet, results for that student-athlete from the second meet [in this case, Georgia Tech] will not be eligible for championships qualification.

This ruling doesn’t appear in the championship pre-selection handbook or the 2012-2013 Swimming & Diving rulebook, anywhere that we’ve found at least, which would explain why so many were having trouble tracking it down. That likely costs Cal Gimondi’s services as an individual qualifier, which will hurt as he had individual scoring potential. He should still be going as a relay only qualifier.

Thanks to Joel and the CSCAA for helping solve the mystery.


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well that stinks…I mean a time is a time is a time…
whats the rationale?


My guess is that the guy who made this rule went to Texas or Michigan… jkjk…

seriously though, it’s a stupid and petty rule.


“That’s some catch, that Catch 22”

“Its the best there is!”


You can chalk this up as just another ambiguous process flaw turned out by the NCAA Swimming Rules Committee and its NCAA reps. It’s inability and/or refusal to make things as clear as possible for coaches and athletes is quite interesting. Even this years selection process criteria can be read in a few different ways making it unclear and need a verbal interp on the relay alternate situations. We can also lay blame in the CSCAA’s lack of past efforts to make sure the word gets out to its members on selection processes. We have also seen this clarity issue as recent as last year with us not having a true interp on what suits were eligible for NCAA use… Read more »

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