Euro Meet: Peaty, Sjöström, Kolesnikov with 2018 world best times

by Daniela Kapser 18

January 28th, 2018 Europe, International, News


The last finals session is about to start at the d`Coque aquatic center in Luxembourg. The audience will see with Adam Peaty and Sarah Sjöström olympic champions and world record holders perfoming in their main events tonight.

Georgia Davies (GBR) grabbed the first gold of the evening and the first Euro Meet record in the 50m backstroke with a time of 27,75, followed by Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström in 28,41. Anastasia Shkurdai, a 14-year old from Belarus, training with the Energy Standard team, won the bronze medal in 28,63.

Women’s 50m backstroke: 

1.DAVIES Georgia Energy Standard (GBR) 27.75 MEET RECORD
2.SJOESTROEM Sarah  Soedertoerns Simsaellskap 28.41
3.SHKURDAI Anastasia  Energy Standard (BLR) 28.63

Russia’s Kliment Kolesnikov touched first in the A-final of the men’s 50m backstroke, he was clocked at 25,32.

Men’s 50m backstroke: 

1.KOLESNIKOV Kliment 00 Energy Standard 25.32
2.CHRISTOU Apostolos 96 Hellenic Swimming Federation 25.52
3.WALKER-HEBBORN Christopher 90 Great Britain 25.80

Sarah Köhler won the women’s 400m freestyle with a start-finish lead in 4:09,72 ahead of Hannah Miley (4:15,53) and Josephine Tesch with a time of 4:16,52.

Women’s 400m freestyle:

1.KOEHLER Sarah 94 SG Frankfurt (GER)  4:09.72
2.MILEY Hannah 89 Great Britain 4:15.53
3.TESCH Josephine 99 Berliner TSC (GER) 4:16.52

Ukraine’s Mykaylo Romanchuk set the next Euro Meet record in the 400m freestyle, posting a 3:48,68, he now sits on the 2nd spot in the current World ranking.

Men’s 400m freestyle: 

1.ROMANCHUK Mykaylo 96 Energy Standard 3:48.68 891 MR
2.WELLBROCK Florian 97 German Swimming Federation 3:50.34
3.HEIDTMANN Jacob 94 German Swimming Federation 3:51.34

World record holder Sarah Sjöström set her first Euro Meet record of the weekend with a time of 56,77 in the 100m butterfly. She also leads the 2018 world ranking. Sjöström owns the 11 fastest performances of all time in the 100m butterfly. She and Dana Vollmer (USA) are the only women who have ever been faster than 56 seconds in the 100m butterfly.

Women’s 100m butterfly: 

1. SJOESTROEM Sarah 93 Soedertoerns Simsaellskap (SWE) 56.77 933 MR
2. BIANCHI Ilaria 90 Federazione Italiana Nuoto (ITA) 58.50  and
SZILAGY Liliana 96 Honved Club (HUN)  58.50

James Guy (GBR) took the win in the men’s 100m butterfly, posting a 52,31. He now ranks second in the world ranking ahead of Laszlo Cseh who grabbed the silver tonight in 52,51 and Germany’s Philip Heintz who was clocked at 52,97. Guy cancelled the 400m freestyle because he has felt a little bit tired and wanted to concentrate on the 100m fly.

Men’s 100m butterfly: 

1. GUY James 95 Great Britain 52.31
2. CSEH Laszlo 85 Egri UK  (HUN) 52.51
3. HEINTZ Philip 91 Team Baden-Wuerttemberg (GER) 52.97

The victory in the women’s 100m breaststroke went to Jessica Steiger (GER) in 1:08,24, Steiger also was victorious in the 200m breaststroke yesterday.

Women’s 100m breaststroke: 

1. STEIGER Jessica 92 German Swimming Federation 1:08.24
2. CARRARO Martina 93 Federazione Italiana Nuoto 1:08.34
3. GRIMBERG Vanessa 93 Team Baden-Wuerttemberg (GER) 1:08.77

Adam Peaty set the fastest time in the world in 2018 with his winning time of 59,62 in the 100m breaststroke.

Men’s 100m breaststroke:

1. PEATY Adam 94 Great Britain 59.62
2. MURDOCH Ross 94 Great Britain 1:00.62
3. PETRASHOV Denis 00 Kyrgyz Republic Swimming Federation 1:01.42

Aimee Willmott (GBR) set the pace in the women’s 200m IM, her winning time of 2:13,24 also earns the 4th spot in the 2018 FINA World ranking.

Women’s 200m IM:

1.WILLMOTT Aimee 93 Great Britain 2:13.24
2.MILEY Hannah 89 Great Britain 2:14.21
3.VERRASZTO Evelin 89 BVSC-Zuglo 2:17.07 

The winner in the 200m IM was Germany’s Philip Heintz, he was clocked at 2:00,36, the third fastest time worldwide in this season. Heintz goal is to step up on the podium at this year’s European LC Championships, he won the short course title at the 2017 European Championships.

Men’s 200m IM: 

1.HEINTZ Philip 91 Team Baden-Wuerttemberg (GER)  2:00.36
2.SCOTT Duncan 97 Great Britain 2:00.74
3.KOLESNIKOV Kliment 00 Energy Standard 2:00.95

Lisa Graf touched the wall first in the 200m backstroke, it was a close race between the three medalists.

Women’s 200m backstroke:

1.GRAF Lisa 92 German Swimming Federation 2:11.26
2.MENSING Jenny 86 SC Wiesbaden (GER) 1911 2:11.33
3.EGOROVA Polina 00 Energy Standard 2:11.52

Geoffroy Mathieu (FRA) grabbed the gold medal in the 200m backstroke on the men’s side, posting a 2:00,91.

Men’s 200m backstroke: 

1.MATHIEU Geoffroy 97 Auvergne Rhone Alpes (FRA) 2:00.91
2.BERNEK Peter 92 BVSC-Zuglo (HUN) 2:01.08
3.BRAUNSCHWEIG Ole 97 SG Neukoelln e.V. Berlin (GER) 2:03.97

Sarah Sjöström set again a fast time in the last women’s race of the 2018 Euro Meet, posting a 53,44 in the 100m freestyle, she now sits on the second spot in the world ranking. Germany’s Reva Foos touched second with a new personal best time (55,18).

Women’s 100m freestyle:

1. SJOESTROEM Sarah 93 Soedertoerns Simsaellskap 53.44
2. FOOS Reva 93 DSW 1912 Darmstadt 55.18
3. HOPE Lucy 97 Edinburgh University 55.53

Last one, fast one: The men’s 100m freestyle. Kliment Kolesnikov took the last victory of the 20th Euro Meet, he was clocked at 48,52, this is the fastest time in 2018 worldwide so far, he now ranks ahead of USA’s Nathan Adrian.

Men’s 100m freestyle: 

1. KOLESNIKOV Kliment 00 Energy Standard 48.52
2. SHIOURA Shinri 91 Itoman Club Japan 48.81
3. WIERLING Damian 96 German Swimming Federation 48.87

















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2 years ago

Many interesting swimming news, but THE NEWS of this meet, in my opinion, is that Kliment Kolesnikov, come Worlds2019 and Olympic 2020, will be a main competitor (also) in the 100 free.
Dressel vs Chalmers vs Kolesnikov vs Scott vs…
Golden years to come for men’s 100 free.

Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

Way too early to say for freestyle. We’ve only seen him swim those events few times in the big pool. I agree 100% that his backstroke will be on par with the likes of Murphy, but sprint free is a totally different beast, especially against dressel and chalmers

Reply to  monsterbasher
2 years ago

Yes, Kolesnikov has swum few times the 100 free in LC .
But I don’t remember another swimmer, including Chalmers and Dressel, swimming at his age a 48.5 untapered (and after a 200 im).
Anyway I reckon that words are meaningless and only swimming will speak..
We’ll see which races he’ll choose to swim in the next main events (Euro18, Worlds19 and, above all, Olympics20)

Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

Kolesnikov was impressive today but he still split 23.45-25.07.. The problem with today’s 100free is that the top swimmer (Dressel) split at 22 low so Kolesnikov wuold have a second/ second and half to recover from him (with all the waves from him)… IMHO he is more a 200m swimmer, great swim, really smooth and with monster back half

Reply to  Emanuele
2 years ago

Obviously Dressel’s raw speed is unique, but. 1) You can’t compare tapered and untapered swims. Even Dressel, now, wouldn’t split a 22 low in the front-half of a 100 LC free. Splitting a 23.45 in-season is very respectable. 2) Kolesnikov has already shown a great speed at EuroSC (21.24 in the 50 free) and, after watching him today, in heat and final, and also the 200 free SC he swam a month ago at Salnikov Cup, i think that 100 free, in LC, could become a great distance for him. More a 200 LC free? I don’t know, we haven’t seen so much him swimming the 200 free LC (who, obviously, is far more draining than in SC). Interesting to… Read more »

Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

Kolesnikov in the SC is a monster thanks to his superb underwater. IMHO in the LC (right now) he lacks the necessary raw speed. He surely can add muscle to compete at high level in Tokyo in 100free but personally I’m against build up a swimmer in his/her teen. IMHO is a thing of the second (22-26) or even third (26-30) part of a swimming career.
I’d love too see him to compete (and win) in 100/200 back, 200im and the relay in Tokyo.

Reply to  Emanuele
2 years ago

Yes, he’s the WJR holder in the 100 and 200 back, and is faster than Ryan Murphy was at the same age, the WR holder in the 100 SCM backstroke beating Matt Grevers insane time, and is able to go 48.5 in season in the 100 free (for refrence he was about a second off his 100 back PB at this meet), but sure, the kid lacks speed.

Reply to  IM FAN
2 years ago

Raw speed: 50m… or in longer distance it means fast split and trying to hold on. We are on swimswam not on football today so… yes,with his current body he lacks of raw speed, simply because he is still a teenager.

His best chrono in 50m free LCM is 22.57 good but nothing exceptional. Just to comparison, Dressel in Budapest split 22.3 in the first 50…

2 years ago

Some good news for Great Britain: remarkable 27.75 from Georgia Davies in the 50 back, and very good double 200 im (2.00.74) and 100 free (48.95) from Duncan Scott during his training towards CG.
Sarah Sjostrom already under the 57″ in the fly (56.77) and at 53.44 in the free, pretty consistent as ever.

Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

A fantastic meet for the German team too – Wierling & Steiger the standouts for me, which a few nice 200fl talents improving.

Ross Murdoch also extremely fast for him at this point in the season – 1.00.6… Last time he was this fast so early was 2014 when he went on to turn over Jamieson at CGs. Peaty, and all his Loughborough teammates looking very heavy legged.

Reply to  Dee
2 years ago

Murdoch doing well after his change of coach will be interesting to see his shaved + tapered at CG + Europeans. Peaty was another sub 60!

2 years ago

I’m really excited to see what Kolesnikov does at Euro’s.