Emily Feeney Added To SafeSport Ban Database

Emily Feeneya former high school swim coach in Pennsylvania, has been added to the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s ban database, making her permanently ineligible for membership with any Olympic sport organization.

In 2016, Feeney admitted to trying to seduce a 16-year-old high school swimmer, taking a plea agreement that landed her five years of probation and 15 years on a sex offender registry. She had previously been a swim coach and guidance counselor at Malvern Preparatory School in Pennsylvania. Reports at the time alleged that Feeney tried to pressure the boy into sexual acts by saying he owed her for recommending him for the swim team at Harvard. Feeney was originally charged with institutional sexual assault and corruption of a minor, and accused of sending “highly sexualized” text messages and e-mails, and of kissing the boy.

The victim, who says he declined her advances, later filed a lawsuit against Malvern Prep for negligence, alleging that the school failed to stop Feeney from sexually harassing him.

Feeney was added to the SafeSport database as of March 25, 2019. She’s listed as “permanently ineligible” based on a “criminal disposition – involving a minor.”

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1 year ago

Nope. No one was.

Reply to  dmswim
1 year ago

You sure about that? Ive yet to see a sexual assult case committed by an attractive female against a male that has ever garnered any sort of public outrage comparable to when gener roles are reversed. Clearly it matters to some whether they realize it or not.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago


1 year ago

Being on the sex offenders list doesn’t stop her from attending her children’s summer club swim meets. She is always there

Reply to  Lena
1 year ago

Did she leave town? She used to live on Wayne PA and I haven’t seen her in forever

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