Practice + Pancakes: Columbia Swim Club Takes on “Holiday 50’s” OTB

Gary is a man who is notorious for challenging sets, and when you step onto his pool deck you know you’re going to do work.


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Mizzou Reaches New Heights During Florida Training Trip (Video)

From December 16 – 23rd, Mizzou Swimming took a training trip down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Teen Swimpreneurs Niki and Becca on IronWomen Podcast This Thursday

Tune in to the nationally acclaimed IronWomen Podcast Thursday night to hear Teen Swimpreneurs Niki and Becca share their story and gratitude for the amazing show of support they have seen from some of the greatest swim athletes of our time. 

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Win a Signed Zane Grothe Fike Swim Race Cap

Grab a piece of America’s best distance swimmer before he becomes the world’s best distance swimmer! Fike Swim is giving…

583 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

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2018 Gamecock Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Train like a GAMECOCK! Training focuses on intensive conditioning, thorough instruction and analysis of all four strokes.

Tritonwear Race Analysis: 2018 Pro Series Women’s 100M Freestyle

The women’s 100m freestyle boasted an impressive lineup of swimmers who raced hard for the win

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Coaches Corner: Dressel’s Developmental Training For Future Success

Caleb Dressel is doing things that many fans of the sport find unbelievable.

Five Reasons For Kids To Swim All Year

Take 5! Five Reasons for Kids to Swim All Year. Swimming instruction provides great benefit at any time of year!

2018 Maverick Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

This 5-day camp is a perfect format for swimmers to learn new drills, refine stroke technique, and focus on racing skills that can positively impact swimming performance.

576 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1263 Swim Jobs listed.

My Swimmer Taught Me An Important Lesson

Swimming is a life skill but I found out swimmers, and parents, can learn much more during swimming lessons than just how to swim!

The Ever Evolving Vision of The Race Club

The original vision of The Race Club was to develop Olympic medalists. Since that time their vision has evolved. Now they are focused on teaching athletes and coaches how enhance their training programs…

SwimmersBest Method Ensures Chest Connection For Underwater Undulation

Science shows that underwater undulations are best when swimmers imitate eels and engage each undulation from the chest area to create a propulsive wave with the body.

Eddie Reese Shares Winter Training Workouts (Video)

Eddie Reese was kind enough to share one or two of his holiday workouts with SwimSwam.

5 Ways to Relax Before Your Next Big Race

#3 – Search your history of awesome swims for what worked.

Teaching Mom To Swim

The way that most people learned to swim was the “sink or swim” method. So, like many people in that generation, my mom never learned to swim.