“Don’t Be That Dad”: Survival Guide to Taking A Child to Swim Lessons

Many dads go through life without experiencing taking their kid/kids to a swim lesson. More and more Dad’s are taking part in getting their kids to and from swim lessons. We are seeing almost as many “Swim Dads” on the pool deck as we see “Swim Moms”. If you are a Dad that has recently taken on the responsibility of taking your child/children to their swim lesson or if you are a dad wanting to be a part of this experience here are some helpful pointers that will prepare you, help you to survive the experience, and avoid being labeled “That Dad”.😊.


Good question Dad, this depends on whether you plan to arrive with your kiddo “swim ready- bathing suit on, swim cap and goggles ready” to jump in the pool (highly recommended) or if you need time to change your kiddo upon arrival. If your child arrives “swim ready”, then about 15 minutes prior to when the lesson starts is probably fine. This short wait will allow your child to get their mind ready for swim lessons. If you are bringing your child straight from school or somewhere else and need to change then you should aim for a minimum of arriving 20 minutes before your lesson start time to get your child changed and settled before lessons begin. Don’t be “That Dad” that arrives late, scrambling to get their kid in the water after the lesson has started😊.


Another good question Dad, this is a not so obvious question as we get asked this a lot. If you are coming for your child’s Parent-N-Me class then the baby should wear a disposable swim diaper with their swimsuit on top. ATTENTION DAD’S – A DISPOSABLE “SWIM” DIAPER is not the same thing as normal disposable diaper your child wears outside the water. Disposable swim diapers are specially made for pool activity and can usually be found at retail stores like Target or Walmart. If you put your child in a regular disposable diaper your child will end up with a rather large load in their diaper as it absorbs the pool water. We also recommend that you look in to reusable…

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FRANCHISE OVERVIEW:  A swim school with over a decade of proven success and the experience of over five million swimming lessons, SafeSplash’s focus is providing excellence and unexpected value to our franchisees and customers at every turn.

MISSION: Learning to swim is a defining experience in a child’s life, an experience that creates lasting memories similar to learning to ride a bike.  But unlike riding a bike, swimming is important to your child’s safety and development.  At SafeSplash, we understand…swimming is a life skill®.  Our mission is to provide the best possible experience, instructors, curriculum, and environment to the families that we have the honor of serving.  We offer a positive, fun experience to our students with the goal of helping them become a safe, happy, confident, lifelong swimmers.

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Stay at home dad

The tone of this article that makes all dads sound like sitcom doofuses is maddening. Why would a dad not know about different types of diapers more than a mom. From us stay at home dads who do it all and have jobs this type of article is insulting.

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