Dolfin Gains Momentum in Swimwear Market, Launching Brand’s New Look

After seven decades, Dolfin Swimwear is unveiling its new look to more accurately reflect the evolution of the brand’s product lines and the pride that comes from wearing Dolfin.

Old vs New Logo“The transition from the old logo to the new one is very symbolic to our growth within the swimwear market. We’re extremely proud of our legacy and company values we’ve stood by for nearly 75 years,” said President/CEO Jim Korth, Dolfin Swimwear. “We are reinvigorated. Our look shows a more accurate depiction of who we’ve become and our competitive spirit. Like our customers, we are evolving,” said Korth.

The rebranding of the company coincides with Dolfin’s 75th Anniversary. Dolfin plans to have the rebranded materials fully incorporated into Dolfin’s entire line of products by 2016, which is the actual 75th Anniversary year.

Since its foundation in 1941, this company has represented unsurpassed durability, blazing speed, high-tech innovation, and value – all qualities of the iconic dolphin that inspired the Dolfin logo. As a way to honor the interesting history of the company, Dolfin modernized its logo to stay relevant with its target audiences. Each tier in the dolphin logo represents an era of Dolfin’s history.

Other creative elements that reinforce the competitive strength of the brand include action and underwater photography and a sleek, modern website that showcases performance-driven athletes. The company’s Elite sponsored athletes are featured in many of the action shots, and Olympian coaches provide advice columns for the site’s Coaches Corner.

Mark Schubert (courtesy of Dolfin)“This logo not only gives us a fresh look, but also serves as a reminder of our commitment to the finest products,” said Mark Schubert, an eight-time Olympic coach who serves as Director of Technical Development for Dolfin.

Olympian medalist Haley Anderson, a Dolfin sponsored athlete remarked, “The new Dolfin logo is a great step forward in broadening the brand. It’s a great nod to their past and a look forward to their future. I’m excited to be a part of this process.”

Haley Anderson (courtesy of dolfin)

Andrew Gemmemll (courtesy of Dolfin

Team Dolfin

About Dolfin Swimwear

Dolfin TaglineDolfin has been one of the leading swimwear brands for more than 70 years. It is recognized for offering the best value in the industry with the highest standards of innovation and quality. Founded and operated in Pennsylvania, Dolfin continues to provide its customers with the best quality swimwear at the most competitive prices in the industry. From product development and design to presentation and delivery, Dolfin is committed to customer satisfaction and to our goal of becoming America’s most popular brand of performance swimwear. For more information on Dolfin, please visit

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Brand logo updates are always risky. It is a bold move. Props to Dolfin for making this change. I think this will be win for them long-term.

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