Destro Swim Tower, The Most Effective And Affordable Swim Tower

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August 14th, 2018 Training, Video

The Destro Swim Tower is the most effective and affordable resistance training tower ever made.

DST: The first step to becoming a champion

The Destro Swim Tower’s adjustable resistance allows coaches to tune their training to an athletes specific needs. Higher resistance training will benefit a swimmers explosiveness, athleticism, power and speed. While, lower resistance will benefit an athlete’s endurance, technique, and feel. Swim towers also create a fun and exciting atmosphere for athletes and allow greater flexibility in a coaches practice strategy.

Coach Approved – Athlete Approved

One of the most powerful benefits for coaches is the ability to handicap athletes relative to each other. For example, a very elite male swimmer may be able to slack off if he is training with a group of less talented swimmers. However, if we make the elite swimmer pull half a bucket, while the less talent swimmers pull a quarter of a bucket, we can even the playing field and increase the competitiveness of the practice environment.


The Destro Swim Tower is beneficial for all types of swimmers.

  • Distance Swimmers – Create muscle confusion and additional fatigue on the swimmer to increase endurance.
  • Middle Distance Swimmers – Develop a more efficient kick & stroke for improved endurance and speed in races
  • Sprinters – Develop massive explosive power for dolphin kicks, pulling, flutter kicks, and flip turns

Destro Machines is happy to announce its release of The Destro Swim Tower. To celebrate the public release of our tower, Destro Machines is offering a one month long Preorder discount. August 1st through August 31st you can Preorder your own Tower for $995 (MSRP $1195). We will begin building orders Sept 1st.

The Tower Features:


Smooth Resistance: Our design fixed the ‘jerkiness’ issue seen in the past.
Consistent Resistance: This tower provides consistent resistance over many hours of use
Engineered Frame: As professional engineers, we used only the latest technology and materials
No More Rope Kicking: By changing the rope height, your feet are free to kick water- not rope
No Rust: We used only ultra corrosion resistant hardware and aircraft aluminum to build our tower
Resistance: 0 – 20 Lbs of resistance, adjustable via water level in the bucket


Dimensions: Collapsed (29 L x 24 W x 45 H) Inches Extended (29 L x 24 W x 69 H) Inches
Weight: Just 35 Lbs
Storage: The tower is super easy to transport in your SUV or truck


Our shipping can be as low as $50 a tower. With further discounts for multiple orders!
We can ship internationally for reasonable rates. Just contact us directly on our website
The Destro Swim Tower provides teams with an affordable option; gone are the days where you need over $3000 to get your athletes the resistance training that they need.

“I graduated from Purdue University in 2014 as a mechanical engineer and swimmer. I was lucky enough compete against and practice with some of the best athletes in the world at the 2012 & 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials, and NCAA Div I Championships. Afterwards, I spent several years as a machine designer in automotive and manufacturing facilities. What I learned is that making an athlete is a lot like making a machine. When we build a machine, we use exact measurements, designs, plans, schedules, and conduct trials. After each revision, we quantify performance and make the appropriate changes until we have the perfect performance. This is how swimmers should be training, but we don’t yet have the technology available to train this effectively. I founded Destro Machines so that I could develop the tools our sport needs to escape the dark ages of training. It is my promise to develop the best training technology that the swimming world has ever seen. Machines aren’t just what we make, Machines are who we make.”

― Chuck Destro, Co-Founder

About Destro Machines

Destro Machines is a family and swimmer owned company. We were founded in 2015 when we realized that swimmers and coaches were lacking the effective and affordable training technology required for them to reach their goals. Our team of engineers, has spent months working with Division I College and top tier highschool programs to develop a tower that’s not only less expensive, but also more effective than any other resistance training system available.

Swim training courtesy of Destro Machines, a SwimSwam partner. 

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Shut up and take my money


What about a 50 meter version. Can I order one?????

Destro Machines

Please check out our website. Our Power Crosses can be made to go up to 50 Meters.
We don’t currently make a 50m version of the Swim Tower, however, if you contact us directly through our website, we can design a custom solution to meet your needs.


There’s just one bucket though where as the other towers I have seen have 2 buckets per unit. So the price isn’t actually as big of a break as it seems. Just saying. But they look nice!

Destro Machines

You are correct. However, the reduced size also allows the shipping to be significantly less expensive. After shipping is accounted for, our towers can cost around $1000 less per pair vs the competitor.

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